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Unsubscribe From Facebook, The Guide

More and more users are leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. If you are tired, here is a practical guide on how to delete your profile. Gone are when Facebook was a simple social platform where you can meet your friends from school and childhood. Over the years, the social network has integrated new tools, functions, and applications to increase the time spent by users on the platform and collect data on habits to show tailored advertisements. 

A seven-headed monster is now difficult to defeat and stop: protecting your privacy on Facebook is complicated, even if you change all the settings and limit access to your profile. If you are afraid of your personal information, the only possible solution is to delete your Facebook account. This is an extreme solution, but one that more and more people are pursuing. With the deletion of the Account, other users will no longer see us on the social network. 

They will not have access to our personal information (for the process to be completed, it will be necessary to wait up to a maximum of 90 days). The procedure to delete the Facebook account is very simple, and any user can do it (it can be completed in just under five minutes). If you do not want to delete the Account but only take a break from the social network, deactivating the profile is possible. In this case, our Account will not be visible to others, but it will not be deleted. To reactivate it, log in with your credentials.

Backup: How To Download Data To PC

Before proceeding to delete your profile from Facebook, it is advisable to back up all the data over the months (or years) that have been uploaded – and therefore saved – on the social network. In this way, not only will you be able to keep posts, greeting messages, and information exchanged with your virtual friends, but you will also not lose the photos, notes, and multimedia files uploaded to the Zuckerberg social platform. 

To do this, you need to access the Settings by clicking on the wheel icon at the top right, selecting the General item from the left menu, and clicking on the Download a copy of your Facebook data link. A new window will open from which to start the data download. How to backup Facebook data to the Cloud. However, it is not the only option to save photos and videos uploaded overtime on the social network. The platform provides other alternatives, such as the one that transfers these types of files directly to our spaces in the Cloud, including Google Photos and Dropbox, or others such as Backblaze and Koofr. 

To do this, it is sufficient to have an account on the services just mentioned and navigate in the social settings. The procedure is the same, both from desktop and the app, and it is very simple even for those who are not particularly familiar with the computer tool. As a first step, you need to visit the “Settings and Privacy” section by clicking on the arrow icon available in the upper section at the top of the page, then following on Settings> Your information on Facebook> Transfer a copy of your information. Once the password has been entered, it will be possible to choose the type from the screen, i.e., one at a time between Photos or Videos, and the destination of the files before starting the transfer.

The last but particularly important step is to log in to the Cloud: this is why it is necessary to count on a previously registered account, even just for the occasion, to be able to use it for this purpose. If we don’t have one available, we can always create and return it to backup operations later. From April 2021, on the other hand, in addition to photographic and video content, it is possible to send posts and notes directly outside, saving them on Google Docs text files, or publishing them on your blog hosted on platforms such as WordPress.com or Blogger.

Also, in this case, the process is very simple since it is accessed through the same path previously described. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to log in to Facebook, following the path previously described up to “Transfer a copy of your information. ” Once the password has been entered and logged in, it will be necessary to select the Post and Note formats (in other cases, it will not be possible to forward the files to the new destinations) and choose one of the three available platforms from the drop-down menu below. 

Once this phase is completed, Facebook will redirect to the site of the chosen service, to which you must log in with their credentials. At this point, the game is done: select Confirm to start the passage of important information to continue reading and sharing the moments of the past saved on the social network.

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How To Unsubscribe From Facebook

The process to follow is anything but complex. It consists of three elementary steps in all, but you have to be careful. The procedure indicated in this short guide is final, and it will no longer be possible to recover the Account and all the data associated with it. You must therefore make sure that the data download was successful before proceeding.

To unsubscribe from Facebook, you will need to access the Delete my account page and click on the blue button of the same name. A new window will open to enter your password and a captcha code to verify that the request is made by the legitimate owner of the profile and not by a virus or a playful friend. After making the request, it will be necessary to no longer access your Account for 14 days: at the end of this period, there will be no trace of you in the social network par excellence. 

It is advisable to change the login credentials of all the websites where you usually log in through Facebook (for example, the Instagram account or the Ruzzle app). If you delete your Account and log in to one of these services during the 14 days, the “countdown” will be canceled, and you will have to repeat the procedure from the beginning. Your data, however, will remain saved in the Facebook databases, but you will no longer be able to access it.

Cancellation Via Email

There is also another way to unsubscribe from Facebook. Just send an email to privacy@facebook.com containing the text: Please delete my Facebook account. For the operation to be successful, it is important to send this message using the email address you registered on Facebook. Within a few days, you should receive a confirmation email. If not, you can try sending the email again.

Suspension Of Your Account

If, on the other hand, you want to take a break from the social grind, then you will have to follow another procedure. First, you need to access the  Settings by clicking on the small cogwheel at the top right. Once inside, you need to select the General item from the menu on the left and, in the new window that opens, click on the Edit button next to the item Manage my Account.

A page will open where you can both choose the Heir Contact (i.e., the person to whom to entrust the management of the Account if the user fails) and put your Facebook profile on standby (even indefinitely). by clicking on “Deactivate your account” (by deactivating your Account, your profile will be disabled and your name and image will be removed from most of the elements you have shared on Facebook). 

This way, you will have the opportunity to come back to Facebook whenever you miss it. How to reactivate the Facebook account? Nothing simpler. Just log in from the social network home page, and you will once again be part of the most populous virtual community on the planet.

Deactivate The Mobile Account

Facebook allows you to deactivate the Account also via the mobile application. First, you need to launch the app and press the icon with three horizontal lines at the top right. At this point, you will have to scroll down until you find the Account Settings item. A new window will open from which to choose General and then Manage Account. Pressing Deactivate next to the Account section will begin the process of deactivating the Facebook account.

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