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Free Proxy For WhatsApp – The Best Way To Utilize WhatsApp In Blocked Countries

WhatsApp has become a vital resource in our daily lives. We can’t dispute that we use WhatsApp regularly for various reasons. It is among the most popular social media sites in the world. Every few months, WhatsApp releases new features straight out of the box. If you do not know, WhatsApp has debuted the beneficial proxy feature.

Compared to other chat apps on the market, WhatsApp offers more features and accessibility. By using WhatsApp to connect with their clients, numerous organizations and businesses use it to grow their clientele. Nearly every platform, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, has the software available.

WhatsApp role in the present era

With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp is a popular communication application. In 2014, Facebook purchased it for a staggering $19 billion. WhatsApp prioritizes privacy over all other features and doesn’t contain any adverts. Though some nations have banned it due to its high level of security, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be helpful in these circumstances.

A virtual private network (VPN) offers enhanced security. It circumvents regional limitations by encrypting all internet traffic on your device, including video calls and WhatsApp messages, and redirecting it to a server of your choosing.

On January 5, 2023, the WhatsApp Proxy feature was made available globally. At present, this feature is exclusive to those who have enrolled in WhatsApp beta. In the upcoming days, regular users will be able to access the proxy capability. Numerous WhatsApp users reportedly want to know what proxy address works best for a flawless experience. Don’t worry if you have the same questions and need help finding the answer; we have the right guide.

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A Proxy Address: What Is It?

One helpful tool for improving your internet experience is a proxy address. Your accurate IP address is hidden while interacting with websites and apps like WhatsApp, thanks to its role as a go-between.

By making it more challenging to track your surfing patterns and location data, this approach strengthens your privacy. Using this technique, you can connect to servers that volunteers or groups worldwide have set up, considerably boosting accessibility.

For example, users now have the freedom to use proxy addresses thanks to a new feature that WhatsApp revealed on January 5, 2023. This is an excellent chance for WhatsApp users everywhere.

Knowing WhatsApp Free Proxy Addresses

To get around internet limitations, secure their IP addresses, and use the messaging app privately, proxy addresses for WhatsApp are a necessary tool.

By serving as a bridge between the user’s device and the WhatsApp server, these free proxy servers enable a secure connection and guarantee continuous access to the messaging app. Users can benefit from more privacy and get around any restrictions by local governments or authorities by using a proxy address for WhatsApp.

Why Use a WhatsApp Proxy?

You can increase the freedom and flexibility of using WhatsApp by using a proxy. This becomes vital, particularly in areas where the app has been censored or blocked by governments or authorities.

By arming yourself with a free proxy, you can connect to servers established by international groups and volunteers, strengthening your relationship with the WhatsApp community.

You can use an IP address and port number from this list to connect, provided you have access to a free list of WhatsApp proxy servers in TXT format. It’s practical and empowering, similar to having a side entry when the main gate is closed!

How to Use WhatsApp’s Proxy Address

You can easily use a proxy address in WhatsApp without any additional effort. Since the option is available within the app, you must use it to connect rather than any other third-party source. These proxy servers are set up to facilitate free and easy communication between various authorities and organizations working for the welfare of the populace. Let’s now examine the procedures for connecting to a proxy address.

Choose the most suitable proxy address for you to start. You have two options: look it up online or choose one from the list above.

  • Open WhatsApp and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Press Security and Data, then locate the proxy.
  • Select “use proxy” and input the proxy address of your choice.
  • When you finally click “Save,” you’re done. WhatsApp will now use the proxy address you specified on the app.

A Synopsis of the Architecture of WhatsApp Proxy

There are numerous ports that the proxy container exposes, depending on how you use it. The fundamental ports could be:

  • 80: Standard HTTP web traffic
  • 443: Regular, encrypted web traffic (HTTPS)
  • 5222: Jabber protocol traffic (default for WhatsApp); 587 or 7777: media-related *.whatsapp.net traffic (HTTPS)
  • Additionally, some ports have been set up to allow connections’ inbound proxy headers (versions 1 or 2). You can keep the client IP address if you have a network load balancer.
  • 8080: Expected standard HTTP web traffic using the PROXY protocol
  • 8443: Regular web traffic is anticipated to be encrypted (HTTPS) using the PROXY protocol.
  • 8222: Expected Jabber protocol traffic with PROXY protocol (WhatsApp default)

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How Can I Locate Free WhatsApp Proxy Addresses?

It would help if you first looked into reputable companies that provide proxy services, especially for messaging apps, to locate free proxy addresses for WhatsApp. Ensure the proxy address you select from the list is compatible with WhatsApp.

Verify the proxy server’s dependability and security before configuring it on your device.

Investigate Reputable Companies

Investigate trustworthy sources when searching for free WhatsApp proxy addresses. To locate reliable sources, consider the following important advice:

  • Read customer reviews: Seek for websites or platforms that offer user evaluations and rankings of various proxy providers. This will help you gauge each provider’s dependability and effectiveness.
  • Examine Communities and Forums: Participate in online communities or forums where people discuss their experiences with various proxy services. This helps you in determining each provider’s legitimacy and reputation.
  • Examine Reputable Providers: Choose reputable, well-established proxy providers that have been in business for some time. These suppliers are likely to provide more excellent assistance and more reliable connections.
  • Examine Speed and Uptime: Seek out service providers who offer a high uptime percentage guarantee to make sure your connection is steady and free from frequent outages. You should also consider the proxy servers’ performance because sluggish connections can make WhatsApp less enjoyable.
  • Advanced security features: Security features, including encryption methods, secure socket layer (SSL) certificates, and defense against malware and phishing assaults, should be given priority when choosing a service. This will assist in protecting your data when utilizing the proxy server.
  • Customer Support: Find out if the supplier provides phone, email, or live chat as dependable methods for customer service. Quick support may be essential if you encounter any problems or require technical assistance.
  • Compatibility to the device: Ensure the provider is compatible with the device and operating system you plan to use WhatsApp on (e.g., iOS, Android). For a smooth connection with the proxy address of your choice, compatibility is necessary.

Selecting the Correct Proxy Address

Selecting the appropriate free proxy address for WhatsApp is crucial to guarantee a dependable and safe connection. Since not all proxies are made equal, the first step is to research reputable providers.

Seek out reliable sources who have a history of providing services that can be trusted.

After you’ve identified some viable choices, take location and speed into account. For speedier connections, it is advised to select proxy addresses that are close to your current location.

Furthermore, ascertain the proxy server’s dependability on uptime to make sure it will be accessible when you require it.

When choosing a proxy address, security is also critical. Look for proxies that have a high level of anonymity or are branded as highly Anonymous (HIA). These offer an extra degree of security by concealing your genuine IP address from WhatsApp servers.

Verify the Security and Reliability

It is essential to confirm the security and dependability of your proxies when searching for free WhatsApp proxies. This guarantees a seamless and safe connection while utilizing the proxy function with WhatsApp.

Users can access proxy servers with high uptime and low downtime by choosing reputable providers. Verifying the security measures put in place by the providers to safeguard user information and privacy is also crucial.

Proxy address lists that are updated regularly will guarantee that consumers can access up-to-date, functional proxies. Users can install WhatsApp proxies on their devices confidently and maintain security and dependability by following these steps.

Setting up a WhatsApp proxy on Android is a simple procedure. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch the most recent version of WhatsApp.
  • Navigate to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Select Storage and Data > Proxy from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Proxy Settings.
  • To connect, enter the proxy address and tap Save.

Follow these simple steps to configure WhatsApp proxy on your iPhone:

  • On Your iPhone, launch the most recent version of WhatsApp.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Storage and Data > Proxy from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Setup Proxy.
  • Fill in the Proxy Address.
  • Save the file.

Did you know that WhatsApp has added Proxy Support for all users worldwide?

In 2024, WhatsApp welcomed its users with a new helpful proxy support function. They created it to aid customers who live in WhatsApp-restricted zones or in places with frequent internet outages to communicate with their loved ones.

This functionality is available in the most recent version. You can use it to connect to WhatsApp via servers set up by volunteers and organizations worldwide. These services are focused on developing solutions that will allow individuals to communicate freely.

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This function is accessible via the options menu.

List of Free WhatsApp Proxy Addresses [2024]

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity 80 IN India Transparent 80 IN India Elite 83 IN India Transparent 3129 IN India Elite 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Transparent 8111 SA Saudi Arabia NOA 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Average 8111 SA Saudi Arabia Elite 55443 NP Nepal Elite 57230 NP Nepal Transparent 8080 NP Nepal Elite 8080 NP Nepal Transparent 8080 PK Pakistan (KPK) HIA 8080 PK Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Elite 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan NOA 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan ANM 4995 PK Pakistan (Islamabad) High 8080 QA Qatar Elite 8080 QA Qatar NOA 8080 QA Qatar Transparent 4145 OM Oman Anonymous 80 OM Oman HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Transparent 53281 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Anonymous 80 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 8080 AE United Arab Emirates NOA 8080 IR Iran NOA 59166 UK United Kingdom Average 80 IR Iran Anonymous 3128 IR Iran High 8088 IR Iran NOA 8080 IR Iran (Tehran) HIA 5678 TR Turkey High 8080 IQ Iraq HIA 8888 IQ Iraq NOA 8090 IT Italy Elite Proxy 8111 AF Afghanistan HIA 8080 AF Afghanistan (Kabul) NOA 8090 ID Indonesia Elite Proxy 9050 DE Germany Anonymous 8888 FR France Anonymous 80 AU Australia Elite Proxy 80 BD Bangladesh High 8088 HK Hong Kong Anonymous 9443 ES Spain Elite Proxy 80 FR France Elite Proxy 8088 HK Hong Kong Anonymous 808 GB United Kingdom Elite Proxy 80 CH Switzerland Elite Proxy 80 DE Germany Elite Proxy 80 ES Spain Elite Proxy 80 HK Hong Kong Elite Proxy

Let us now proceed to the finest free WhatsApp proxy list of 2024

Bright Data

You can target any city, nation, zip code, carrier, and ASN with bright data. This WhatsApp proxy service instantaneously lifts all limitations and barriers.

It offers you a cutting-edge proxy service and uses next-generation proprietary technologies. Compared to other residential proxies, bright data is recognized for having the highest success rates. Every day, the Bright Data team also delivers new features.


  • You can create unique rules using the proxy manager to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Considering its dashboard displays the performance in real-time, it is among the finest WhatsApp proxies.
  • The number of concurrent sessions is infinite.


  • For beginners, its UI could look complicated.
  • It needs to provide more training materials and lessons.


ExpressVPN is a local proxy that encrypts your internet traffic through a tunnel. You will be able to access WhatsApp generally after it is linked to the location’s server, where it is prohibited.

This platform supports WhatsApp on numerous operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. It facilitates the usage of all other capabilities of WhatsApp, including text, audio, and picture messaging.


  • It attaches right away and only requires a quick installation.
  • For added security, none of the data is ever written to the hard disk.
  • It also shields you from malicious WiFi networks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and packet snooping.


  • A few reviews claim that the disconnect button may only sometimes function right away.
  • Ask for credit and debit details.


With its shifting IPs, Smartproxy gives an extra degree of anonymity while automatically collecting website data at scale. This enables you to access content from any area that is prohibited.

Additionally, it has multi-accounting, which enables you to set up and manage numerous social media and e-commerce accounts for both yourself and your company. A/B testing social media accounts and setting up accounts for specific regions are two other uses for smartproxy. It works with all operating systems, including Chrome, Firefox, Insomniac, Edge, and more.


  • You can use its free X Browser to get unique fingerprints.
  • It provides many intelligent scraping technologies, including eCommerce, No-code scraping, SEO, and more.
  • This technology provides quick and limitless connections.


  • Some users claim that there have occasionally been service interruptions.
  • A review indicates that its geo-targeting capabilities are restricted.

Another important proxy of WhatsApp

  • NordVPN: Our top WhatsApp VPN. All traffic is encrypted, and no logs are kept. Mobile apps are simple to use and integrate well with texting and VoIP services—a money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Surfshark: The most cost-effective option. Surfshark makes it simple to use WhatsApp safely from anywhere, with no connection limit, decent speeds, and a strong emphasis on security.
  • CyberGhost: offers beginner-friendly software, round-the-clock assistance, and a massive network of over 9,000 servers in 90+ countries.
  • PrivateVPN: This is one of the fastest VPNs available, and it also includes several advanced security features. It retains no logs and efficiently unblocks WhatsApp while traveling.
  • VyprVPN: has gained a reputation for successfully bypassing Chinese censorship. Although reliable and safe for WhatsApp and other messaging services, it is expensive.

Is the encryption used by WhatsApp secure?

WhatsApp’s encryption is built on the same source code as Signal, a highly rated end-to-end encrypted private chat service. The contents of a message can only be decrypted by the intended receiver, so neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see your discussions.

WhatsApp does make certain modest security concessions for the benefit of convenience. When you switch phones, for example, your encryption keys are renegotiated, allowing you to read texts saved on your old phone. This renegotiation introduces a flaw that could allow someone at Facebook to read a user’s conversations.

Why is WhatsApp restricted in some countries?

Several nations have prohibited WhatsApp for various reasons, including government information control, security concerns, and rivalry with local telecom carriers. Some of these countries see WhatsApp’s high level of encryption as a potential danger to national security since it could impede surveillance attempts. Others, on the other hand, regard WhatsApp’s free messaging and phone services as a competitor to existing telecom carriers.

The Advantages of Using a Free Proxy Address

Let’s get right into it and look at the advantages of using a free proxy address for WhatsApp.

  • It’s similar to adding an extra layer of protection to your online chats.
  • This helpful feature provides improved privacy management, guaranteeing that personal information stays safe and secure while communicating on WhatsApp.
  • With this power comes freedom: the freedom to use the app in places where it would usually be limited or blocked by authorities.
  • This new feature, revealed on January 5, 2023, allows users worldwide to connect via servers set up by various groups and volunteers across the globe.
  • As we strive for an uninterrupted user experience, having a trustworthy collection of free proxy servers becomes increasingly essential.

You now have more options designed specifically for you, thanks to proxy settings available in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal! Apart from bypassing prohibitions imposed by governments or institutions, these proxies also provide levels of anonymity ranging from transparent and elitist to NOA (not Anonymous) and HIA (very Anonymous).

In conclusion

Free proxy addresses for WhatsApp might help you use the service more efficiently by getting around limitations and protecting your privacy online. WhatsApp users can now access the app even in locations where it is restricted or filtered since it supports proxy servers. You can use trustworthy proxy servers and adhere to the instructions in this article to have a secure and seamless WhatsApp messaging experience. Utilize these free proxy addresses to access all of WhatsApp’s features!

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