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Web Writing: Top 10 Royalty-Free Image Banks To Illustrate Content

In the field of web writing, images play an important role. They make content more attractive and make it easier for readers to understand. If you need to integrate them into your productions, use royalty-free image banks. What do you need to know concretely? What are the top 10 royalty-free image banks? Find out all the answers in this article.

What Is A Royalty-Free Image?

Royalty-free images are images for which the author or copyright holder has granted usage rights. This way, everyone can use them without having to pay additional royalties. It should be noted that these images may come from independent photographers or artists. The latter choose to share them for free, sometimes to promote their work.

What Is A Royalty-Free Image Bank For Web Writing?

Royalty-free image banks are platforms that offer a variety of visual resources. You can find photos, videos, logos, models and many other graphic elements there. Professionals in various fields, such as web writing, communication and design, particularly appreciate these banks. Because they provide quality visuals, they are often the reference for certain digital agencies.

The main advantage of images from royalty-free stock images is that they are available for legal use, sometimes under license. So you can integrate them into your projects without infringing copyright. This is a very important aspect, especially when using images in a commercial setting.

The most used themes in image banks are wallpapers, street photography and architecture. We can also add health, work and fashion. It should be noted that the visual content belonging to these themes is not limited to a graphic illustration. They are also powerful means of communication. Each image conveys a message, fulfills a specific objective and has the power to arouse emotions.

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What Are The Top 10 Royalty-Free Image Banks For Web Writing?

On the Internet, there are many royalty-free image banks. This diversity is explained by the variety of image needs which vary enormously. This is because users seek various themes, styles and image quality. In particular, by considering these criteria, we can propose a ranking of the ten best online image banks.

Pixabay, One Of The Best Image Banks For Web Writing

Pixabay is one of the best royalty-free image banks. It offers a large collection of free images, photos and illustrations. With more than a million visual resources, it allows downloading content at no cost. Among the various sections it offers for downloading media, you can find:

  • GIFs
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Vector images.

An important feature of Pixabay is that all its images are under the Creative Commons CCO license. This means that they are in the public domain. So you can copy, modify and distribute them as you wish. You can also use it for commercial purposes without the author’s permission or paying royalties. This guarantees great freedom of use.


Unsplash is a platform that offers high-quality, royalty-free photos for free use by anyone. You may use this content commercially without seeking permission or crediting the photographers.

This is because you obtain a copyright license when you download an image from Unsplash. This is irrevocable and allows you to use the image in question as you wish.

This includes the right to download, modify or distribute it. It should be noted that Unsplash operates on a very open license basis. This gives you great freedom to use content without worrying about copyright restrictions. Whether for personal, professional or commercial projects, you can use Unsplash.


Pexels is a platform identical to Pixabay. It offers a wide selection of royalty-free images, all available under the Creative Commons CCO license. These visual contents can be used, even for commercial purposes, without requiring payment or attribution to the authors. One of the particularities of Pexels is that it does not require registration to download images. This gives you simple and direct access to the entire photo collection.

In addition, Pexels has a policy of promoting photographers who share their photos on the platform. It consists of classifying them according to the number of images offered on the site and the number of people visiting their profile. Also, regularly, the platform organizes thematic competitions where users can submit their best photos. The winners of these competitions can receive rewards. This may involve highlighting their profile and images on the site’s home page for a specific period. It must be recognized that this model encourages the community to share their best creations.


Burst is an image platform put online by Shopify. It is mainly intended for companies, in this case, those operating in e-commerce. Indeed, it offers a collection of professional-quality photos, images and illustrations. All of this content is provided in formats and resolutions that are suitable for websites. You can easily integrate them into your different types of web pages.

One of Burst’s strengths is its extensive product photo collection. If you have an online sales business, you can take a look. There, you will find product images that will meet your needs. Additionally, the platform offers background images designed specifically for website homepages.

Foca Stock

Foca Stock is one of the few banks offering royalty-free images and videos. For personal, professional or commercial use, you will find a variety of categories on the platform. Among these categories, you have:

  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Work.

All images and videos available on Foca Stock are licensed under the Creative Commons CCO license. This means that they are royalty-free. You can, therefore, use them without any restrictions, even if it is used for commercial purposes. Likewise, you can download them directly from the platform without registering.

Furthermore, Foca Stock has an interesting feature. This is the ability to make changes to images before even uploading them. This option allows you to adapt the images to your needs before integrating them into your projects.


StockSnap.io is a platform offering images and photos under the Creative Commons CCO license. You can download hundreds or even thousands of images for your content without an account on this site. As in the case of PicJumbo, this allows you to obtain the visual content you need quickly.

StockSnap.io allows all photographers to share their photos on the site. This policy is put in place to expand the library of images available. This, therefore, offers a greater variety of content to the community. Another advantage of StockSnap.io is the use of labels or tags on images. This allows you to find photos focused on the same subject more easily. To do so, click on a label that matches the theme you are looking for. This feature makes searching and discovering relevant images for more specific projects easier.


Rawpixel is a platform that stands out by offering high-quality images and a variety of design elements. This includes resources like social media content templates and mockups. Depending on the project, you can also find designs ready to be remixed or prepared to use. What sets Rawpixel apart is the diversity and quality of its catalog. In addition to images, the platform offers a wide range of graphic elements that you can use in several creative contexts. These allow you to create and customize your designs using pre-existing assets.


Reshot offers unique images that stand out for their quality and adapt to different uses. You may use these royalty-free images for commercial purposes. Another feature of Reshot is the fact that it makes it possible to edit downloaded images. Using them means you will not need to attribute or acknowledge the original source. This gives you some flexibility. It should be remembered that Reshot is a library of quality, unique and royalty-free images that guarantee its users great freedom of use.


FreeJPG is a royalty-free image bank. You can find more than 11,000 visual content downloadable for free. This platform has various features, including searching by color. The goal is for users to find images that complement a specific color theme or visual aesthetic.


Since 2013, PicJumbo has been a royalty-free image bank with more than 5 million downloads since its creation. Indeed, this platform gives you access to a diverse collection of quality images without registering or creating an account. This simplifies the process, especially when you’re quickly searching for images for your project.

Why Use A Royalty-Free Image Bank For Web Writing?

Using a royalty-free image bank has several advantages for web writing specialists. First, these banks offer you various images, illustrations and graphics. This allows you to access multiple visuals and choose the one that best suits your topics. This strategy is also recommended to make your content more attractive.

Additionally, using images from royalty-free image banks saves you time and money. Conveniently, you will no longer have to create or purchase visuals, which can cost high prices. These platforms then help you obtain them quickly and free of charge. Additionally, by using royalty-free images, you avoid copyright issues. It should also be noted that these images are available under licenses that authorize their use. This eliminates the risk of copyright violations.

Should You Choose A Paid Or Free Image Bank For Web Writing?

Choosing between a free or paid royalty-free image bank as a web editor depends on several factors. Among these, you can distinguish:

  • Needs
  • The budget
  • The use of images.

Note that access to royalty-free image banks is not conditional on the sum payment. This can be very beneficial if you are on a budget. However, these banks may also have low-quality images. Likewise, you may have a limited choice. As for paid image banks, they generally offer high-definition images. They can also provide unique or uncommon photos, which is not always true with free banks.

In addition, some of them set up customer services that are available to assist you in the event of any concerns. However, a cost may be associated with using the images offered, which may not suit your budget. This implies that choosing these options depends mainly on your financial capacity. To ensure good transmission of information in web writing, images are of capital importance. Royalty-free image banks are the ideal option in this context. Considering the advantages offered by each of the banks presented, which one will you choose?

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