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How To Generate Qualified Leads With LinkedIn Ads And Expand Your Client Portfolio

2.74% is the transformation rate shown by HubSpot on account of LinkedIn Advertisements. Their promoting efforts on Facebook and Twitter didn’t reach 1%. As we probably know, interpersonal organizations have become robust switches for producing leads and qualifying them as possibilities.

The informal organization is a helpful device in an organization’s computerized showcasing technique related to inbound promoting methods. It makes it conceivable to draw in guests, convert them into leads, and afterwards into qualified possibilities because of “embolden” and essential substance.

Why Use LinkedIn Ads Rather Than Another Social Network?

Informal organizations have perceived the interest they could stimulate among organizations. They have subsequently evolved promoting organizations to empower experts to exploit their apparatuses. Nonetheless, not all interpersonal organizations are made equivalent. You should pose the proper inquiries to determine which informal organization to pick: What is your goal? What target would you like to hold back nothing? How and at what cost?

LinkedIn, The Social Network For Professionals

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an expert informal community that has continued developing from that point onward. In the second quarter of 2016, there were 467 million individuals overall and 106 million exceptional guests each month. In India, individuals bounced 450% somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2016.

It currently arrives at 11 million endorsers, including 9.5 million exciting guests. The crowd is more modest than Facebook or Twitter, with 31 million dynamic clients and 26.2 million exceptional guests in France. (Médiamétrie – September 2016). Nonetheless, it is considerably more exact and focused on.

A Specific Professional Audience

LinkedIn Ads is primarily aimed at a professional audience, particularly companies operating in a B2B context. If we were to establish the typical profile of French LinkedIn users, it would look approximately as follows:

  • They are, on average, 44 years old. (Source: Ten Katre )
  • 59% of members have decision-making power within their company and mainly hold positions of manager, director, general manager, etc., in large companies. (Source: LinkedIn )
  • 89% of members have at least a bachelor’s degree. (Source: LinkedIn )
  • 53% have a household income above €60,000 and live in the most prominent French cities. (source: LinkedIn )

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A More Qualified Audience

As a B2B player, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for conveying an advertising message likely to reach the right people at the right time. The advertising resources implemented on LinkedIn Ads allow you to broadcast your ads to a qualified and receptive audience. This sizable professional audience has, moreover, significant influence and purchasing power.

The targeting options offer a relevant audience in correlation with your professional interests. Thus, you can target members according to their sector, company, or profession. LinkedIn Ads has also implemented an exciting targeting option: audience extension. It’s about targeting users similar to your target audience.

What Are LinkedIn Ads Ad Formats?

From LinkedIn Ads, you access the Campaign Manager advertising platform. You then have the choice between three ad formats.

Sponsored Content

These ads appear directly in the news feed of each targeted user, regardless of the medium used (computer, tablet, mobile). This format allows you to attract new subscribers to your Company or Showcase page and gain notoriety via publications integrated into the feed with the mention “Sponsorship”.

Text Ads

This format includes banner ads and text ads. They are easy to set up and generate quality leads based on your budget. You define it beforehand and only pay a cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM).

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored or advertising emails are sent directly to the inboxes of targeted users. This format, which is much more personal and persuasive, has many advantages:

  • No character limit exists so that you can care for your advertising message.
  • Use hypertext links, a customizable call-to-action button (“Contact”; “Download”, “Try”, etc.) and banner advertising to be impactful. Increase the conversion rate.
  • Personalize your message by mentioning, for example, the user’s name to touch him more.
  • InMails are “responsive”: your content adapts to each medium.
  • Increase email open rate with real-time ad delivery. Your InMails will only be delivered when users are signed in to LinkedIn. Moreover, they cannot be blocked as spam. Users can only receive one InMail every 60 days, increasing the chances of being opened.
  • Increase user engagement with a share button or Company Page Widgets in InMail.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are banners that deliver a personalized message to a specific target. The user sees his name mentioned, a short text and a call to action.

Display Ads

Display Ads are part of the advertising program broadcast on the site or in their Display Network (LinkedIn, SlideShare, LinkedIn Publisher Network, Advertising Exchanges). These advertisements increase the visibility and awareness of your business around the world. They appear on the right (paved format, skyscraper), at the top (text link) or the bottom (leaderboard) of the page. Similarly, as with dynamic promotions, you should contact LinkedIn to promote your mission.

How Do You Generate Qualified Leads With LinkedIn Ads?

Use Targeting Options

As explained earlier, LinkedIn Ads offers many targeting options. Your target will not be qualified if you have not optimized the targeting options beforehand. So, be sure to define the audience you want to reach. To do this, analyze your statistics and use the LinkedIn database. Identify the influencers and people with the most decision-making power in the activities that interest you.

It is important not to target an audience that is neither too large nor too small to optimize your campaign and obtain the expected results. LinkedIn Ads shows you an estimated audience size as targeting options are enabled. Additionally, he recommends an audience of 300,000 members for a Sponsored Content campaign, between 60,000 and 400,000 members for Text Ads, and an audience of 100,000 members for emails.

Study Your Statistics

Use LinkedIn Statistics

Thanks to your Company page, you collect valuable data on your posts, your followers and the people who have visited your page. The statistics also bring you future trends thanks to critical indicators. The News section provides statistics on published news’s reach and interactions.

The Followers section allows you to identify the members of your page (How many are they? Who are they? How did they find out about you? etc.). The Visitors section gives you information about members who have visited your page.

Analyze Your Campaigns

Once your campaign is launched, you can track conversions through Campaign Manager. Conversion tracking tells you which ads and audiences generated the best conversion rates. You can adjust your future campaigns based on these results. Complement this conversion tracking with analysis tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot or Salesforce.

Offer Attractive Offers

There is no miracle; you have to offer him qualitative and relevant content to attract a prospect. Bring him what he needs! For this, there is nothing like inbound marketing to attract a user to his company, product or service. Offer them quality articles, audits, white papers, training, or web conferences. In exchange for these offers, visitors will provide you with valuable information via a form. You can then use this data to convert your lead into a prospect and customer.

Pay Attention To The Content Of Your Ad

Depending on the ad formats you are considering, you must pay close attention to the visuals and text chosen. Test your ads beforehand on a small sample of members to see which visuals and wording work best. As for the reader, be concise and precise. You need to present what benefit the member has for clicking on the ad.

The important thing is to capture users’ attention in a minimum of characters. The visual must be attractive and relevant. Use bright colors to stand out from the news feed and images consistent with the advertising message. Use the images and calls to action available to you as soon as you can.

Work On Your Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page for each ad and audience based on your goals. Thus, only show the essentials (forms, call to actions oriented towards your objective). Do not insert useless links (navigation menus, outgoing links), likely to divert visitors from your strategy. In addition, your landing page must respect a few points to be optimized. It must be responsive, attractive and straightforward. The form should not take too long (4 fields maximum). It should be clear and concise.

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