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Microsoft Ads: When Is It Convenient? 

When it comes to Search and Display advertising, the platform that is almost always automatically and exclusively considered is Google Ads. It is a mistake because Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads ) exists. Is investing only on the Mountain View platform correct from a strategic point of view? One thing is that the Microsoft Advertising platform is growing and will most likely continue to do so.

The success of Microsoft Advertising is connected to how it was intended to coordinate flawlessly with quite possibly the most involved working framework on the planet, Microsoft Windows, with which viable items are ceaselessly related. Among them is the web crawler Bing. The most cutting-edge official information on the site discusses 677 million remarkable clients each month on the Microsoft Search Organization and 201 million novel clients through local promotion on safeguarded brand encounters. 

Additionally, consider that Microsoft has obtained the administration of LinkedIn Promotions crusades. Consequently, a synergistic activity in the future connecting with promotions focused on the objective of the informal organization of experts second to none should be incorporated. We should attempt to figure out the fundamental quirks of Microsoft Promoting, without harping on the incredibly specialized viewpoints, for a total assessment of this chance accessible to publicists.

What Is The Microsoft Search Network?

Microsoft Search Network is the core of the traditional way of behaving of millions of individuals since it is comprised of the organization of locales of Bing and its accomplices, Hurray and MSN, in Windows 10, Cortana and Office, in associations and outsider stages (for example Amazon gadget web crawlers ), Siri and Spotlight results on Apple gadgets, and a great many other significant sites.

Advertisements supported through Microsoft Promoting will likewise appear in the aftereffects of web search tools with qualities and purposes other than Google: DuckDuckGo, AOL, Qwant, and Ecosia. Picking which web search tools to incorporate or not in the mission arrangement is optional for sponsors. Through the Microsoft Publicizing promoting stage, you can contact all potential clients who utilize the important channels for the Microsoft Search Organization.

What Are The Benefits?

Among the pluses highlighted, four aspects are highlighted:

  1. Reach a relevant audience that does not use Google Ads: we refer in particular to an activity-oriented target, which has a high purchasing power and spends more online than Google, which has a high interaction rate with announcements and with new offers;
  2. Create intelligent User Journeys: experiences can be specifically tailored to target groups, leading to improved campaign performance.
  3. Importing campaigns simply: the reference is, above all, to Google Ads, and it is a feature of the platform of fundamental importance for integrating the two choice options. You can set up automatic imports to constantly sync your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.
  4. More granular control: Compared to Google Ads, Microsoft offers more granular control. For example, network, location, language and ad delivery can also be set at the ad group level. Furthermore, even with strategies that Google would define as “Smart Strategies” on Microsoft, it is possible to set a maximum cost-per-click, even on a campaign with the objective of “Maximize conversions”.

As regards the management of advertising costs, perfectly in line with the characteristics of Google Ads, the main focus is on the following:

  1. free membership and no minimum budget;
  2. payment only when ads are clicked;
  3. measuring ROI through keywords, bids and timing;
  4. ability to set a constant budget or change it daily.

What Types Of Campaigns Can Be Set Up?

  1. Search campaigns: the ads appear in the SERP of the Bing search engine pages.
  2. Dynamic Search Campaigns: automatic search ads, i.e. automatically associating Bing index data with a single user query.
  3. Target group campaigns: Mainly related to Native Advertising, they are part of Microsoft Audience Ads. The option is based on using artificial intelligence to generate high-quality additional traffic on non-search-related locations.
  4. Microsoft Shopping campaigns – Ads use images and data from the Microsoft Merchant Center feed, which will appear on search results pages.

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