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The Advantages Of Cloud Security Services

The security of our data is an essential issue in the digital age. One of the most significant challenges seems to lie in the safe use of cloud services: Again and again, voices are warning that data can never be secure within a cloud – which is why cautious private users often shy away from using the corresponding services. But cloud security is crucial for private use, and entrepreneurs, in particular, have to deal with this topic. After all, many companies store sensitive personal data and their company secrets in large quantities in the digital cloud.

The volume of data stored in clouds is constantly increasing because, despite all the security risks that have been rumored, clouds are prevalent: private individuals take advantage of having their data available everywhere. They like to upload backups of their hard drive to online storage. On the other hand, companies can use the cloud to better network their employees and thus make their work processes more efficient. They also save costs because, with cloud hosting, resources are scaled as needed, and less on-site infrastructure is required. But what are the main advantages of security services managed and delivered in the cloud?

Updates And Patching  

These processes are typically secondary to operational and business priorities and must enter a specific maintenance window. In the case of cloud services, customers do not need to take care of the maintenance of these processes: the service providers take care of everything, sharing data and information on each level of service with all the company contacts and overseeing updates and patches in continuous mode.

Rapid Scaling  

Cloud services allow customers to obtain greater processing capacity and advanced management methods quickly. The use of SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation Response) and other unified management tools allows you to automate some services (e.g., Denial-of-Service cases, phishing, or IAM – Identity Access Management).

Identity Federation (FDI)  

FDI, in a multi-cloud logic, allows users to access data and services using the same login information as internal systems securely and seamlessly. Whoever supervises the administration activity on the user side avoids unnecessary redundancies, always having maximum visibility on access dynamics. Through open standards, FDI ensures that multiple parties can achieve secure cross-domain interoperability.

Location Of Remote Data  

When it comes to multicolored data, data is generally stored in numerous copies in geographically distant data centers (whose quality is associated with Tier qualification). In the event of a failure of one of them (e.g., due to a natural disaster) and consequent destruction of all the data stored there, only the data in one center will be lost; this means that there will be no permanent loss of data, as other copies exist in different data centers.

Large-Scale Security And Expertise 

Cloud products offered by cloud providers are much better protected than IT resources in traditional organizations. Additionally, vendors have SOCs and NOCs where multiple security experts work who are directly responsible for the security of the services. Furthermore, if you turn to an MSSP, companies need to know that this type of supplier can take on and fully fulfill the role of the Data Protection Officer. Another strong point of an MSSP is the SIG ( Managed IT Security ), provided according to the market’s highest quality and technological standards. 

What makes the difference is a holistic approach to security, i.e., integrated and capable of including a preliminary analysis for a complete risk management program. MSSPs have a SOC ( Security Operation Center ). A NOC ( Networking Operation Center) in which dozens of specialists work who control the information flows of each service, decoding all types of logs, alerts, and signals not only to verify the process quality but also to identify possible improvement curves that lead to further optimization of functions and performance. Companies are always aware of what is happening: through web-based access, a centralized dashboard shares real-time updates and customized reporting on the organization’s needs.

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