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Change Of Look For YouTube, How It Will Become

YouTube indulges in a restyling operation and changes its look. New colors, functions, and improved user experience: what changes on the platform. To keep up with the times, it is not only necessary to add and change features, but also to change appearance. YouTube, a real social network and video-sharing service by Google spread worldwide, is well aware of this, which is ready to change significantly. The platform’s objective remains unchanged: to offer all users the opportunity to publish and watch captivating and exciting video content on the most diverse topics. Instead, the layout will be changed, and design elements and new functions will be introduced. 

YouTube, The Change Comes From The Colors

Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has undergone many changes. Initially, on the home page, there was only a search bar and a series of tags to identify the videos published on the platform. Today, although still highly intuitive and easy to use, it is much more complex and has many elements to make navigation on the site as personalized as possible. Soon, YouTube will undergo an intense restyling operation. A way to keep up with the times and to always look modern, pleasant, engaging, and pleasant for visitors. We will start with the colors to give a touch of liveliness.

Users who had access to the test and could preview the YouTube style change welcomed the news enthusiastically. The ambient mode will be used, which allows the application to take on a softer version of the colors of the video played on the platform. A light effect inspired by the light that screens project in a dark room. The purpose is to allow users to focus on the content they are viewing without being distracted by other elements on display. The feature will be available on desktop and mobile devices, even when set with a dark theme.

Playlists, Dark Mode And Video: The New Style Of YouTube

The new YouTube colors will be extended to playlists, becoming more detailed to facilitate user choices. Update for the dark theme of the platform, which will be even darker and will also be applicable on the web version, all mobile devices, and Smart TVs. The video viewing page will be enhanced to make navigation easier. All links in the descriptions will become buttons. Everything will be formatted in such a way as to minimize distractions during playback. Pinch to zoom will be introduced: with a pinch, it will be possible to zoom in or out on the contents, to admire all the details. The changes will be phased in over the next few weeks and are intended for all users.

YouTube, Here Is The News Of The Design

The platform headed by Google essentially offers two main innovations. The first relates to the “environment” mode. This takes advantage of the video’s colors to create a gradient effect at the top of the phone display. And – according to YouTube – the variation is inspired by the soft light emitted by screens in a dark environment. So that you can put it in place and make your life a more realistic and engaging viewing experience. The novelty introduced by the platform is the possibility of using the fingers to enlarge and enlarge the videos (as happens, in fact, with photos) on the touch screen. You are also expected to improve the vision of each frame using a progress slider.

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