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Artificial Intelligence: What It Is And How It Can Help Your Business

Our country is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, so much so that it has a national laboratory born from the synergy between the best universities and the best researchers. The main objective of the “National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems” is to follow and collaborate with startups in the sector in an application context of Industry 4.0. To understand the development and potential of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to explain it, starting from a technical perspective.

Artificial intelligence ” is a part of data that permits the programming and plan of frameworks – both equipment and programming – that would empower machines to be outfitted with explicit qualities commonly thought to be human such as visual discernments, space – transient and decisional. ” In the substance of things, artificial intelligence could be defined as the ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks and activities typical of the human mind and power.

Do You Want To Improve Your Business Results?

Choose the payment solution that best suits your needs. The application of artificial intelligence in everyday life. In a white paper published this year by the Digital Agency – a project by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – guidelines and recommendations for the sustainable and responsible use of artificial intelligence in Public Administration are illustrated. An initiative aimed at financing pilot projects in various application fields at the citizen’s service. These include the security sector, the surveillance sector, and the environmental disaster prevention sector.

Artificial Intelligence And Companies: What Opportunities?

To capitalize on the challenge proposed to the new production market by industry 4.0, the development of artificial intelligence software today is probably the essential technological issue, capable of transforming the production processes of various sectors and, in particular, way for those startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and companies that focus on innovation in areas such as, for example, the textile and manufacturing sector, among the main ones.

The Four Main Advantages Of Companies That Rely On Digital Intelligence Systems

  1. More incredible speed and simplicity in research and development processes
  2. More excellent optimization of production processes
  3. Greater targeting in promotion and sales
  4. More excellent reliability of user experience data 

Research And Development

To improve business planning, artificial intelligence can contribute, through custom-built systems, to simplify the phases of designing new products and services, as well as identifying new possible areas of intervention based on data—statistics and needs of the reference market. 

Production Processes

The optimization of operational dynamics represents a fundamental area for innovative companies. Artificial intelligence systems make the information necessary for the functioning of the production process more usable and easy to read, always available and connected to the machinery that makes up a specific plant. The advantage is to obtain a more significant saving of time. 


The e-commerce sector, for example, could benefit from artificial intelligence to achieve objectives more efficiently, thanks to integrated target and potential customer analysis systems that significantly impact the process of acquiring data from customers, their shopping habits, and interests. 

User Experience

The efficiency of a service or purchasing process could be improved thanks to the application of so-called ” chatbots “in customer care. Chatbots, or software designed to simulate a conversation with a human being, do not replace customer care staff with competence but simplify their work by interacting with customers only for basic, simple, and not complex questions. 

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