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The Best Telegram Channel With Amazon Offers

Whether what we offer you is truly the best Telegram channel with Amazon technological products at a discounted price is up to you to judge. “The Amazon Flyer” has just been launched, and there are still a few registered users. But we considered doing something different than the usual offers channel. You can open the TechinSaldo channel directly at this address if you already have the Telegram app installed. If you like the idea, join the channel; notifications are turned off by default, and you will not be disturbed.

Discounts And Offers, But…

You may have already experimented with some Telegram channels, even well-known ones with many followers. Our experience could have been better: we were inundated with various products, from anti-wrinkle cream to lawnmowers for the garden, from packs of crackers to fleece pajamas…

Like A Flyer

The best Telegram channel should be like a flyer! The first problem we faced was specialization in a sector. Our track (like the site) is aimed only at technology enthusiasts and offers only technological products. The second aspect we paid attention to was formatting. Rather than a series of text messages, photos of the products are posted on the channel, with the features and prices highlighted along the lines of a technology store flyer. 

How many times have we enjoyed leafing through the brochures of Mediaworld or Euronics (or any other chain)? Even if you are not directly interested in purchasing a specific product, we have an overview of the market. We can quickly get an idea of the prices, the most popular products, the latest news in the catalog, and the stock levels in high demand. Discount. An overview of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, smartwatches, cameras, TVs, computers, and various accessories: the result on Telegram, with the necessary proportions, is close to this experience.

The Selection Of Offers

The best Telegram channel cannot post offers automatically! Amazon has an endless offer, and in the technology section alone, it sells thousands and thousands of products.

How Are Offers Selected?

Without going into technical details, Amazon provides APIs (literally an application programming interface, let’s say a set of instructions for programmers) to query its databases and extrapolate the best-selling products by category or those that have at least one certain discount percentage. 

Suppose a Telegram channel relies exclusively on these scripts to publish offers automatically. In that case, it will hardly be able to stand out from the competition, and, in the best-case scenario, it will end up reproducing the Amazon bestseller page or the offers of the day page in a surrogate version without any concrete advantage for users who could have visited the store directly.

The Added Value

We wanted a Telegram channel with offers of technological products on sale on Amazon but with something extra. The products are highlighted not only based on the percentage discount that Amazon applies to the price but also for a series of criteria to which a weight is attributed: for example, if it enjoys Prime benefits if it is “sold and shipped by Amazon, “if it is part of our list of recommended products, if it is considered the best buy in the price range, etc. In practice, in addition to offers, products are recommended on the TechinSaldo Telegram channel, and reviews and guides are proposed for conscious purchase.

Recommended Products On Sale

The best Telegram channel that offers discounts and offers shouldn’t be reduced to a series of links with an Amazon affiliate code! We insert a series of guides and reviews directly as “Instant View, “i.e., insights that open instantly while remaining within Telegram, where we aggregate experts’ opinions relating to a list of selected products. We also try to provide some advice and information—what you need before proceeding with the purchase.

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