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Video Marketing For Companies: Applications And Advantages

In a marketing strategy, videos today represent a fundamental tool for achieving your business objectives. Increasingly appreciated by people and spread across many platforms, these contents allow you to build direct and fast communication with the target audience.

Video marketing consists of creating and disseminating videos with different purposes, depending on particular needs. But why are videos so successful? How do you make the most of them for SEO, online advertising, and social media for your business? Let’s find out everything in this article!

The Importance Of Videos In Digital Marketing Strategies

Among the 2023 digital marketing trends, videos occupy a particular place: over time, visual content has acquired greater relevance and today must be noticed in corporate communication activities. Videos are an empathetic and effective means of speaking to the public because they allow you to attract users and create relationships, leveraging emotions. According to research from HubSpot, 62% of people pay more attention to videos than other online content, and 53% of users want to have even more videos to view in the future. 

Furthermore, the data examined by Statista from 2019 to today shows that the number of people who watch or download videos online is increasing; for a business, this means having an increasingly larger audience to reach. To succeed, every company must clearly identify its objectives, which channels to use, and what video formats to propose. Based on these elements, targeted videos can be created to promote the brand,  improve brand image and reputation, launch a new product, interact with the public, increase sales, and so on.

What Are The Main Types Of Videos?

In general, there are two main types of videos:

  1. Short videos are perfect for engaging users on social media, thanks to the duration of a few seconds.
  2. Longer videos lasting a few minutes are suitable for channels such as YouTube or the company website, where more aspects of communication can be explored in depth.

The best type must be chosen based on the reason for making the video, the target, and the platform on which it will be distributed.

Videos From An SEO Perspective: How To Optimize Them And Improve Your Positioning On Google

In an increasingly video-hungry world, SEO (search (Search optimization) for video marketing is essential. For example, many users use YouTube to find informative or entertaining content. Positioning a video well allows you to intercept people’s searches and appear among the first Google results. With some simple precautions, you can optimize your videos for SEO.

  1. Choose an eye-catching preview image.
  2. Create an engaging title and description with your selected keywords.
  3. Insert the video transcript.
  4. Select the correct tag for your content.

If the video is present on your website, optimizing the content will also positively affect the positioning of the digital platform, contributing to your brand’s visibility.

Videos In Online Advertising Strategies

Even in digital advertising, videos play a vital role. Ads with this type of content remain more imprinted in people’s memories and are perfect for conveying a message quickly and incisively. Depending on the channel, advertising videos can be more or less long and invite the user to perform specific actions (such as viewing a web page, performing a download, or purchasing a product). Whether it is Google Ads, Spotify, or various social platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), video campaigns have the power to involve people, bringing excellent results in terms of awareness even in the face of limited investments. 

The strength of the video format lies in the possibility of describing your products and services or your company through images, behind-the-scenes footage, and curiosities. Every company, from the smallest to the largest, has the opportunity to give voice to the values and mission of the business. This is why, over the years, we have witnessed substantial growth in native media platforms for videos, such as YouTube and TikTok.

Social Media And Video Marketing: A Winning Combination

Social channels are the undisputed kingdom of videos: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok give ample space to this content, and users show that they appreciate it more and more, both as users and as creators. Videos on social media are usually short and can have different formats and various uses (for example, posts, stories, and reels). 

In addition to content created ad hoc and uploaded to the profile at a later time on social media, it is also possible to create live streaming videos, perfect on the one hand for capturing people’s attention and building their loyalty, and on the other for entertaining the community that he has been following a brand for some time. For companies, videos on social media are an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with their customers and find new ones through more informal communication. In a few seconds, they can transmit helpful information to those who are watching them dynamically and creatively.

Make Your Video On The Site, By site!

By now, you will have understood that integrating video marketing activities into your corporate communication plan can make a difference. According to HubSpot,  91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. What about your company? For them to be effective and achieve their purpose, online videos must be quality and tailor-made according to the objectives and target channel.

Site-by-site, we create strategic videos based on your needs and integrate them into your corporate marketing strategy. We combine creativity, technique, and experience to create functional and aesthetically appealing content and carefully choose images and words to enhance your brand.

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