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Amazon Echo Pop Vs. Echo Dot: Which Should You Buy?

The Echo Dot has been one of Amazon’s most popular smart speakers for a long time. It’s easy to see why, too, given that it’s one of the most convenient and compact options in the range of Alexa-related smart devices. For some time, however, this leadership has been threatened by Echo Pop. 

This new smart speaker is cheaper than the previous one, has an attractive design, and is available in more colors. In short, it could take first place as the most popular device in the sector in the Amazon context. You may wonder how this new speaker compares to the fifth-generation Echo Dot. And what is the right choice for your needs? We’ve looked in-depth at the specs, and here’s how the two products compare.

Specifications, Pricing, And Availability

The Amazon Echo Dot is now in its fifth version, having been a disc-shaped device for many years before switching to a spherical design in 2020. The latest version was released in 2022 and retails for around 60 euros (net of any discounts). The dimensions, in this case, are equal to 100 x 100 x 89 millimeters for 340 grams of weight. The woofer is 1.73 inches, with connectivity that, in addition to the Wi-Fi above and Bluetooth, natively includes Matter.

Other exciting features of Echo Pop are the integration of a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. Echo Pop was released in May 2023 and is available at a total price of 40 euros. Silicone cases that can change the color of the Echo Pop are available for a fee of up to 20 euros. The product has dimensions equal to 99 x 83 x 91 millimeters and a total weight of 196 grams. The dimensions of the woofer, however, are 1.95 inches, while on the connectivity side, we point out a dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system.


The design differences between the Echo Dot and Echo Pop are apparent. The former comes spherical, while the latter has a flat front, creating what Amazon calls a hemisphere design. Both devices feature LED lighting to indicate when they are in use, but the location is different on each model. Echo Dot has a lighted ring around the base, while Echo Pop has a small burned section at the top.

Echo Dot is available in Anthracite, Ice White, and Midnight Blue. They are all quite discreet, while the counterpart takes a slightly more “imaginative” approach. Echo Pop can be purchased in Lavender and Petrol Green options, as well as the classic Anthracite and Ice White versions. But if you want to spice things up further, you can buy silicone cases in various colors. This way, you can adapt the speaker to your decor.

Sound Quality

While we have yet to listen to these two speakers, the specs give us a pretty good idea of what to expect on the audio side. The fifth-generation Echo Dot, as already mentioned, has a 1.73-inch driver that creates a good amount of bass through its compact structure. Surprisingly, the Echo Pop has an even larger internal speaker, at 1.95 inches. 

Amazon says it can provide high-quality sound, great for bedrooms, studio apartments, or any small home space, but suggests that it isn’t as powerful as the Dot, despite its size. Based on this description, we expect the Echo Dot to offer a lower, roomier sound, suitable for larger living spaces. The Echo Pop is designed for small spaces, so you shouldn’t expect high volume, but it should still provide audio up to the task.

Alexa And Connectivity With A Smart Home

Both devices house Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge processor at the core. This means that they will give you more or less the same user experience as Alexa, with fast response times and reliable voice recognition. The features will also be similar, as both platforms rely on Alexa’s universal capabilities. The difference lies in the additional sensors. The Echo Dot has a built-in temperature sensor and an accelerometer, as mentioned. This means it can be used to create temperature-based automation and can also be tapped, for example, to turn off an alarm.


Echo Pop is an excellent addition to the Amazon Echo range. It’s one of the most exceptional speakers related to this manufacturer. The wealth of color options means it’s easy to match your home decor. That said, audio-wise, Pop seems to be ideal for smaller rooms and areas. Regardless, it should be clarified that both products are excellent work by Amazon. 

Therefore, they are both valid. It’s also the cheapest option, which is a big selling point. However, to reach this price, corners had to be cut somewhere, and the Echo Pop is less capable of smart home integration due to the lack of sensors. If temperature-based automation and alarm use are features you want from your smart speaker, you’ll be better off with the Echo Dot. For all other cases, Echo Pop is the way to go.

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