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Social Media Monitoring: How To Do It Best In 7 Steps

With social media monitoring, social means the monitoring network (or listening to digital communication channels open to large groups of users, to allow them to exchange content, written, audio, video, created by themselves); this allows you to measure the popularity of a brand, a company, a product. It is a fundamental activity for creating marketing strategies dedicated to these communication channels. It allows you to know in-depth the context in which you go to work, preferences, consumer habits, etc.

Social Media Monitoring, What It Is, And Why It Is Important

More specifically, with social media monitoring, we mean searching social networks for certain targeted information and relevant content generated by users. From all this data, each company can understand the prevailing opinions, which are the interests and opinions expressed by each user of these channels. In addition to this, social media monitoring is essential to understand which are the most active communities around a given theme and the most followed influencers.

In particular, social media monitoring helps identify a target audience, respond quickly to requests for information, evaluate what the competition is doing (and how well established it is on social networks), and identify trends. More in vogue, to intercept negative comments and, if necessary, intervene; in general, to manage reputation.

Seven Steps For Social Media Monitoring

The ultimate goal of social media monitoring is to increase consumer engagement, integrate social marketing initiatives into those globally implemented to make them all more effective. But how to define a good action plan in this area? Here are some practical tips, assuming by now that to evaluate your effectiveness on social networks, you cannot limit yourself to calculating the number of fans or followers, nor limit yourself to checking what happens on your channels. Consumers can voice ideas and comment on an organization on any Facebook page, forum, blog, and more.

Understanding Where To Do Social Media Monitoring

We must start by identifying the social channels to be analyzed and monitored, identifying the most critical metrics to consider, namely the KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – such as, for example, the unique users, the reach (the total number of accounts that view a post) or impressions (the data of total views) and so on to have clear metrics.

Understand What To Check

It is necessary to trace, in addition, of course, to the mentions, the prominent hashtags, concepts, themes, keywords, and phrases concerning your company and the proposal on the market. Intercepting conversations relevant to one’s business means having the opportunity to engage and establish relationships with potential customers or retain those who already know the products marketed.

Carry Out Social Media Monitoring On Competitors

It is also necessary to list competitors and brands to monitor to make competitive benchmarking and possibly align/enrich one’s offer accordingly (and try to establish itself, among other things, as a reference brand in a given area).

Monitor Social Campaigns

You cannot ignore the progress of the campaigns launched on social networks to correct the shot, if necessary, but also to up-sell, for example, if the opportunity arises: if you can manage the feedback in In fact, in real-time or almost, it is possible to set in motion suggestions for the purchase of products relating to concrete needs expressed by consumers.

Social Media Monitoring And Influencers

On an excellent activity on social media, it is essential to intercept the top influencers and engage them; which means first of all keeping track of how many followers certain characters have, then the comments they elicit, the likes they win, and so on and then making sure to build relationships with them to benefit from their popularity.

Social Training In The Company

Training company collaborators allows us to draw useful information from the data collected, to intervene promptly where necessary, both by responding to critical issues and, on the other hand, by amplifying the positive opinions intercepted.

The Technologies Of Social Media Monitoring

Finally, it is necessary to adopt technologies that allow the integration and processing of large amounts of data, which enable in-depth analysis of information to obtain insights (new and original points of view otherwise not identifiable) valuable to manage the relationship with the customer better. These technologies are also a support for drawing up reports, trend charts, etc., valuable for business decision-makers.

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