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Process Automation: How To Reduce Costs With AI

Among the great benefits of Artificial Intelligence applied in the business field, the ability to automate processes, optimize them, and reduce their overall costs, is at the top. Still far from reproducing the mechanisms of human reasoning and understanding, artificial intelligence today finds use on specific tasks (for example, the most repetitive tasks) and serves to bring to light hidden evidence through the analysis of big data (it will later be people’s creativity to find profitable use of insights).  

In short, we are still far from the science fiction scenarios in which robots replace and take over man. However, today artificial intelligence is becoming more and more pervasive in private and working daily, conditioning behavioral habits and business processes.

Cut Costs With Process Automation

Returning to the main topic, how is it possible to lower business costs by implementing AI solutions?  Thanks to the delegation of specific tasks to intelligent systems, the savings on personnel expenses are only the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, most of the cuts are attributable to the automation of processes. This makes it possible to speed up response times, improve the quality of the service (with an increase in customer satisfaction) and shift human intervention to activities with a higher value for the business.

An Example Of Process Automation 

Take, for example, the case of customer care services. The text analysis algorithms allow the in-depth examination of written messages (email, chat, social post) in communications between company and customer. They then perform the classification of the contents according to the business context and start the response procedures. They can identify the subject of the communication (for example, a letter of complaint) by delivering the message to the correct operator and possibly sending feedback directly to the user. 

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics tools allow you to analyze and understand the contents of telephone conversations to the contact center, directing the operator’s actions and accelerating response times, possibly offering more timely and valuable assistance. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) features allow transcribing audio files and carrying out semantic analysis of the contents, carrying out the preliminary stages of the assistance process with the search for helpful information. 

The operator will have a complete picture of the user’s situation and, in some cases, will be exempted from providing the most basic initial answers (the artificial intelligence itself will automatically send the feedback to the applicant). 

Chat Bot And NLP

NLP tools are also the basis of the functioning of chatbots (automatic responders that can provide first assistance to the customer on focused topics) and virtual assistants (able to process complex conversations in a broader domain). 

Beyond The Automation Of Processes

The benefits of AI in the enterprise don’t end with those listed above. The new technologies, in fact, also allow a significant recovery of operational efficiency through the optimization of workflows. The analytical algorithms allow identifying any inefficiencies or malfunctions within a workflow, suggesting possible interventions. 

They can also predict the occurrence of crises or system failures that can have a blocking effect concerning business continuity, highlighting what actions to take to avoid the risk of downtime (substantially, they perform the dual predictive and prescriptive functionality).

Optimize WorkFlows With AI

In short, artificial intelligence allows you to have a broader understanding of workflows, optimizing the pipeline by reporting some precautions (for example, it can indicate the times in which it is better to call a customer after an analysis of his habits based on data). This avoids wasting time on useless or unprofitable actions, allowing staff to focus on actions with higher value and a higher success rate.  In short, artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate processes, increase people’s productivity on value-added activities and cut back on waste in money and resources. 

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