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iPhone Or Samsung: Our Comparison

Which Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will meet your needs more? To find out, we compared three smartphones from the two brands, corresponding to equivalent ranges. Neck and neck in the bestseller rankings, Apple and Samsung have established themselves over the years as the kings of smartphones. The Apple brand launched its iPhone in 2007. Two years later, Samsung released the first Galaxy family phone, the Samsung Galaxy i7500.

Two Giants Of The Mobile Market

Today the two brands hold the most market share. Samsung takes 23.4% against 18% for Apple in the first quarter of 2022. Each year, the two giants of the mobile market compete in innovation. Apple products (iPhone, iTunes platform, Apple Watch, AirPods, etc.) have marked the history of digital technology. For its part, Samsung recently distinguished itself with the launch of the first foldable smartphones. But it is probably futile to find out which of these manufacturers is the best. The user experience varies depending on whether you choose an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. The first is driven by the iOS operating system, and the second by Android. Each of these manufacturers has developed its universe.

iOS, A Fluid Ecosystem

The bitten apple logo is one of many easily identifiable elements of the brand. So is the user interface. Its followers are praised for its ergonomics, aesthetics, and ease of use. Everyone gets there, including your grandmother. Apple’s features enhance the user experience for communicating with other devices. Airdrop allows sharing files wirelessly between two nearby iOS or Mac devices. For its part, Airplay facilitates the distribution of videos and music between devices of the brand. The latest iOS 16 version offers new features, such as improved widgets or a new lock screen.

Android/One UI, A Very Open Universe

Samsung has opted for the operating system developed by Google Android. To stand out from manufacturers using Android, the Korean giant has added its own One UI overlay to the software. This interface was launched with the Galaxy S10. It works hand in hand with Android. You are therefore guaranteed to find all of Google’s services (Gmail, Maps, Play Store, etc.). The interface also includes an alternative Galaxy Store application store, a mobile game aggregator, features such as split screen, etc. Samsung is also committed to promoting synchronization and interoperability between its various devices. This includes tablets, TVs, connected refrigerators, and washing machines.

iPhones Handpicked Smartphones

Since its creation, Apple has positioned itself as an exceptional brand. This justifies high prices and a catalog of more limited models than among its competitors. To date, Apple offers 14 smartphones ranging from the entry-level iPhone SE to the ultimate iPhone 14 Pro.

Samsung, An Extensive Choice Of Smartphones

Samsung preferred to cover all price segments. Today our site offers you 17 smartphones stamped with the Korean brand. In the table below, you will find the characteristics of three emblematic models of each price range: the folding smartphone in book format Galaxy Z Fold 4, the star model Samsung Galaxy S22 and the entry-level Samsung Galaxy A13.

Updates To Secure Your Data

Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS, compatible with iPhones that are five years old. For its part, Samsung offers four years of Android updates and five years of security patches on certain Galaxy smartphones in its catalog. During this period, your smartphone will be protected against new vulnerabilities discovered in the Android source code.

To Remember

  1. Apple and Samsung top the list of best-selling smartphones
  2. The iPhone is characterized by its ergonomics, aesthetics, and ease of use. It can easily communicate with other Apple devices.
  3. Samsung smartphones benefit from the One UI software overlay that has been added to Google’s Android operating system. They can also interact with other Korean devices (tablets, TVs, connected refrigerators – washing machines, etc.).

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