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Huawei Has Made Earphones That Look Like Earrings

Huawei is trying to shake up the wireless headphones and earphones market with the new Huawei FreeClip, the brand’s first true wireless open-ear earphones that offer an out-of-the-ordinary listening experience. Since the release of Apple’s AirPods, which led the sector towards the wireless world, there have been many trends that have tried to change the cards on the table: from the bean shape to the bone conduction models up to the open format ear, which is considered ideal for those who do not want to have their ears covered and are dealing with excessive insulation. 

But this was the first time anyone had tried to create a genuine clip-on earphone, reminiscent of an earring’s shape and combining style and open-ear listening for those looking for a fashionable and versatile alternative to use in a thousand different scenarios. As part of the research it is carrying out in the wearable sector, Huawei has intercepted the growing interest from consumers in a listening experience based on in-ear wireless technology that allows you to remain in tune with the surrounding environment. 

The FreeClips respond to this need and offer a solution to those looking for a practical and efficient alternative for both fitness and the office, from those who practice outdoor sports to those who multitask and must manage voice calls on the move or in the office.

What Are The New Huawei FreeClips Like

To make open-ear headphones with an agreeable and ergonomic plan to wear and, simultaneously, lovely to check out, Huawei has assembled three parts: the genuine headphone with the exemplary bean shape, an acoustic circle that deals with controlling and overseeing sound multiplication, and a C-Scaffold, i.e., a “span” between these two parts that runs along the ligament of the ear, managing the conclusion and decreasing the tension. 

It works like a clasp on a hoop: open the Extension, put on the headphones, and close it by changing the strain. By and by, Huawei has partitioned headphones into two sections by interfacing them with a scaffold around the ear through the business’ most perplexing accuracy designing cycle. The FreeClips guarantee a protected and agreeable fit, ensuring a battery duration of as long as 8 hours of music playback (in addition to 36 extra hours with the charging case) without gambling or losing your earphones.

Pros And Cons Of The New Huawei Earphones

Besides, the imaginative plan doesn’t impede the ear waterway, which ensures the greatest solace and permits you to keep in touch with the general climate and outer clamors, for instance, traffic, making them the most reasonable sound gadget for rehearsing sports and exercises. Outside. There is likewise no deficiency of water, residue, and sprinkle opposition. They have an IP54 security rating, making them flexible during proactive tasks, paying attention to music, or remaining associated with voice calls utilizing Bluetooth. 

Besides, a sound concealment conduit diminishes wind commotion, which is exceptionally viable for individuals who practice open-air sports, for example, street cycling. The Savvy Wear Recognition innovation deals with the rest, dealing with the attack of the earphones, making them tradable with one another thanks to the self-versatile left-right sound channels, upgrading battery duration in situations where you want just a single headphone, for example, to answer rapidly to a voice call.

An inescapable worry among the people who routinely utilize open-ear headphones is the gamble of indistinct sound or sound spillage. Huawei FreeClip’s open-ear listening innovation goes further, depending on two advances: the 10.8mm high-awareness double magnet driver unit and the converse sound wave framework, which further develop sound clearness and forestall legitimate scattering.

How Much Do Huawei FreeClip Earphones Cost

The new Huawei FreeClips are the perfect Christmas gift to surprise a music lover who loves outdoor sports and needs a pair of open-air headphones. You can purchase them on the official Huawei store in the Black and Purple colors for €199.90. Anyone who purchases by December 31st will automatically receive a free Huawei Band 8.

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