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How To Update WhatsApp Status With A Voice Message

Do you want to know how to update your WhatsApp status with a voice message? In the paragraphs of this guide, we explain how to do it. Also, WhatsApp is really useful and simple for everyday communication. Do you use it often, not only for chatting but also for calling, video calling, and sending photos and videos? This instant messaging app has revolutionized communication and is useful for all users. If you use it daily, you will notice that the status function has also been introduced to share a thought with your contacts, whether they are friends or family. 

The novelty of WhatsApp concerns the status. This can be updated with voice notes. Yes, you read right. It is possible to set audio as a status on WhatsApp. Were you aware of it? If you didn’t know yet or were looking for more information on this change in the app, read on. In the paragraphs of this guide, you will find details that may be useful to you. Therefore, carve out some of your time to devote to reading. Soon you will know more about updating WhatsApp status with audio. Are you ready?

What Is WhatsApp Status?

Before we explain the new feature, you may be unsure of its state and where to find it. This is a section similar to Instagram stories, i.e., content that endures 24 hours and is noticeable to your contacts from the tab of a similar name. To see the situations with your loved ones, you should send off the application with a tick on its symbol, then, from the entire visit screen, click on the Status tab and snap on every client’s symbol to see the substance they have decided to show: photographs or recordings.

The Audio In WhatsApp Status

The latest WhatsApp update likewise incorporates another order. This is found on the Notice screen and is only possible for sound recording. The symbol is equivalent to the one in the talk to send a voice message. This way, it will be feasible to record a message distributed as a status by tapping it. This has a most extreme length of 30 seconds. As a help picture, you can choose a shaded foundation modified to the client’s taste. 

When you register your status and distribute, this and different kinds of content will be accessible for 24 hours. Saved contacts will want to pay attention to it with a straightforward snap. You can pick the protection setting you like, allowing all contacts to pay attention to your status or just to some. In any case, regarding security, for messages, the sound will be scrambled to guarantee the most extreme client assurance.

How To Add Audio To WhatsApp Status

This new element was presented in the Beta form, tried by a set number of clients who criticized it and has been endorsed, becoming, in all regards, a capability accessible to everybody. Last year, in Spring, WhatsApp imparted that clients sent a normal of around 7 billion voice messages consistently. Given, hence, the significance of sound and its great use, these have additionally been formally presented in the condition of the texting application. Need to know how to refresh your status with sound? Do this:

  1. Open WhatsApp with a click on its icon
  2. Click on the Status tab
  3. Click on the pencil icon that you will see at the bottom right
  4. Select the microphone button to start recording
  5. Change the background, choosing the color you prefer
  6. Add a sentence if you deem it necessary
  7. Proceed with publishing

That’s it, nothing complicated, right? In a few simple steps, you will have updated your WhatsApp status with audio that your contacts can listen to, all or just some depending on the settings you have chosen. As we said earlier, audio in WhatsApp statuses will be available for 24 hours before disappearing, as well as photos and videos.

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