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How To Restore Deleted Posts And Stories On Instagram

Instagram can have a substantial impact on our online reputation, both for better and for worse, and for this, it is essential to know how to delete and how to restore posts and stories. Today Instagram is one of the most popular social networks globally, with over 1 billion users and a high growth rate. Consequently, the number of posts, stories, and reels published daily by users is also growing. 

They become better and better at exploiting the potential of this platform to share beautiful and practical photos and videos. However, users are not always satisfied with the result, and, on the contrary, it is not uncommon for you to change your mind and want to delete something just after having posted it on Instagram as it is not uncommon to think about it immediately afterward and want to recover it. 

Fortunately, on Instagram, it is possible to do both: you can delete a post that has just been published (but also a post published some time ago), and you can also restore posts and stories on Instagram if we have thought about it. This last option is helpful if we temporarily hide published content and then put it back online when we deem it more appropriate.

Even if it is not technically 100% correct, we could say that Instagram has a “Trash” folder and that we can also use it to manage our presence on this social network. Here, then, how do you delete a post (or a story, or a video, or even an IGTV video ) from Instagram and then recover it.

How To Delete An Instagram Post

Deleting a post from your Instagram feed is super easy. After publishing it, even immediately afterward, open it and tap on the menu with the three dots at the top right. Here we will find two similar options, not to be confused: ” Archive ” and ” Delete. ” With the first option, the content is removed from the feed, and other Instagram users will no longer be able to see it, but it is not deleted at all: it simply ends up in the ” Archived ” folder, in which we can keep it without time limits.

With the second option, however, the content is permanently deleted. But not immediately: there is a 30-day time frame during which the post, video, story, or reel can still be recovered. There is only one clarification to make: the stories, unlike all the other contents, will disappear in any case 24 hours after the date and time of publication, and after this time, they cannot be recovered. However, this does not apply if we archive them: in this case, they will remain available.

How To Recover The Contents Of Instagram

There is a sort of basket inside which the contents we have deleted on Instagram remain for 30 days. Except that it is pretty hidden in the app interface, and to reach it, we have to follow a particular path. First, we have to tap on our profile photo and then the general menu with the three parallel lines at the top right. 

Then we have to tap on ” Settings ” and then on ” Account”. `Here, among the latest entries, we will find ” Recently deleted”: it is the trash we are looking for, where Instagram puts the material we have deleted for 30 days. Above each post, we will find written the number of days missing to the elimination.

We have to select the single content that interests us, tap on the menu at the top right, and then choose between ” Delete in a ” and ” Restore. ” With the first choice, the content will be discarded forever and will no longer be recoverable, while with the second, it will be visible again in our feed, as an archived post, and then republished.

How To Best Use Recently Deleted

Like all social media, but perhaps even more so due to its primarily visual nature, Instagram is a platform that can significantly affect, both positively and negatively, our online reputation. And, consequently, also offline. This is why it is essential to ” keep clean ” your Instagram profile, carefully selecting the material we publish and, if necessary, now and then taking a step back to check what we have published in the past. 

If we find something that is no longer good, that we published by mistake, or that we should never have published (and maybe we didn’t know it at the time), then it will be the case to ” clean up. ” Therefore, from this point of view, the double option and the double possibility of choosing between archiving content or permanently deleting it is welcome. But, for the same reason, the possibility of restoring a deleted post on Instagram is also welcome.

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