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So You Can Change The Colors & Design Of WhatsApp

Are you bored of the eternal green and would like to see WhatsApp on your Android smartphone or iPhone in a different look? No problem! You can change the colors and design of WhatsApp with just a few clicks – but you should also be careful with third-party offers.

How To Change The Colors On WhatsApp

In just a few seconds, you can change the colors of WhatsApp and all apps, including logos and fonts. And that by simply reversing the colors of your mobile phone display into negative! This function changes:

  1. the color of the WhatsApp logo
  2. the font color
  3. the colors of the keyboard
  4. the colors of the design

This Is How The Color Change Works On The Android Smartphone:

  1. If you have an Android mobile phone, you can also find the color change under “Settings. “
  2. Go to “Accessibility, “then “Visual Aid. “
  3. There you have to click on “Negative colors” or “Invert colors. ” Complete!

On the off chance that you press this button, your whole cell changes its tones. The on button is, as of now, not green, yet pink. Additionally, all of your applications at this point don’t sparkle in their old tones. The WhatsApp logo is currently likewise pink, Instagram illuminates green-blue, and the Facebook logo is yellow.

This Is How The Color Change Works On The IPhone:

  1. Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone.
  2. They tap on “”General “”, then “”Accessibility “”.
  3. In this area, you can press the button “Invert colors” under the term “See” (with newer iOS versions there is now “Display adjustments” and underneath “Invert colors”).

There is a small catch with the color change: The rest of your display and all the photos you want to view on your mobile phone have also changed color. This can make your friend’s profile pictures look creepy all of a sudden. Not everyone likes that, but it can be quickly changed under “Settings,” and everything is as before.

Here’s How You Can Change The WhatsApp Design

The design of WhatsApp can only be changed insofar as you can set a new background for your chats, depending on your mood. You have a wide range of options and can design accordingly with personal photos or neutral backgrounds. However, the experience is the same in every conversation and cannot be individualized.

How To Change The Background On IPhone And Smartphone:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the three little dots in the top right corner.
  2. Now go to “”Settings “”, then to “”Chats “”.
  3. Here you will find the item “Background. “
  4. If you have clicked up there, you will find a selection of background options: You can either use your picture from your mobile phone, choose a monochrome background, download the free “WhatsApp Wallpaper,” choose the app’s standard background or do without a background entirely.

WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know!

Beware Of These “Design Options”

Apart from the options mentioned above, you, unfortunately, cannot change the look of WhatsApp. So it would help if you stayed away from these supposed options for changing WhatsApp colors.

Chain Letter: Change WhatsApp Colors

For some time now, a kind of chain letter has circulated on WhatsApp now and then. There is a link in the message that you should click to try out one of 5 new WhatsApp colors. If you follow the link, you will be asked to invite ten friends to activate the function. Behind this is a dubious third-party provider who is probably after the data of WhatsApp users or wants to lure them into a subscription trap. So stay away!

“WhatsApp Plus” & “WhatsApp MD”

There are various third-party apps such as “WhatsApp Plus” or “WhatsApp MD,” with whose help you should be able to change the entire design of WhatsApp according to your ideas. However, WhatsApp now blocks users of such applications, among other things, for data protection reasons.

Custom ROM

There is also the option of installing a custom ROM, an alternative Android operating system. This allows you to adapt the designs of various apps to your ideas. However, this isn’t very easy for laypeople and destroys the warranty of your smartphone, which is why you should keep your hands off it.

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