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How To Install iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Without A Developer Profile

iOS 16 is now official and with it, all the news announced by Apple during WWDC 2022, such as the new lock screen and battery percentage. However, development continues further, and Apple is already working on the latest update. The forms of iOS 16.1 Beta 4 are accessible for download on the Cupertino organization entryway committed to designers. However, there is an easy way to try iOS 16.1 without a developer profile. Here’s how. As things stand right now, you need a developer account to install iOS 16.1 Beta 4 for developers from Apple’s website. 

Creating a developer account is not complicated but requires the payment of an annual fee of 99 euros which not everyone is willing to pay to try out the new Apple operating systems. Usually, the account is produced only by those who develop the apps and publish them on the App Store. Fortunately, there is a way around this limitation: download a developer profile on your iPhone and download the OTA update directly from your smartphone. The procedure is effortless but can be risky. In the end, iOS 16.1 is an operating system still in full development, and the applications you love most may need fixing or not working. For this reason, please completely backup your device before proceeding.

How To Download iOS 16.1 Beta 4

To download iOS 16.1 Beta 2 on your iPhone, you won’t even need a PC or a Mac. Your beloved smartphone will suffice:

  1. With the Safari browser of your iPhone, go to the applefirmwares.com site ( betaprofiles.com was forced to close)
  2. Look down until you arrive at the segment committed to iOS 16.1
  3. Tap the Download button, then Install, and finally follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Once the profile is installed, restart the iPhone.
  5. Presently go to Settings > General > Programming Update, and you ought to have the option to download iOS 16.1

iPhones Compatible With iOS 16.1

Before starting, you must also ensure that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16. To make this easier for you, here is the complete list of devices on which it can be installed:iPhone 12 (all models);

  1. iPhone 11(all models);
  2. iPhone‌ XS/XS Max;
  3. iPhone XR;
  4. iPhone‌ X;
  5. iPhone‌ 8/8 Plus;
  6. ‌iPhone SE‌ (second generation and later).

Having made the necessary premises, we can finally proceed with the guide, which I will divide into two parts for convenience. In the first part, I will explain how to install the iOS 16 beta profile without a developer account, and in the second, how to install the iOS 16 Beta on your device. Don’t worry. The procedure is effortless, and no particular computer skills are required.

Part 1: Download And Install iOS 16 Beta Software Profile

  1. Go to http://betaprofiles.com from your iPhone using Safari to locate and download the ” iOS Beta Profile. ” Tap the ” Install Profile ” button and choose ” Install Anyways! ” when the warning popup opens.
  2. Once the download is finished, go to ” Settings > General > VPN and gadget the board > iOS 16 Beta Programming Profile ” and click on the ” Introduce ” thing at the upper right. Enter the unlock code and confirm the operation by clicking on ” Install ” again if requested.
  3. When the following window opens, click on ” Restart. “

Part 2: Install iOS 16 Beta [No Developer Account] 

During the iOS 16 Beta installation phase, it is essential not to shut down or restart the iPhone forcefully. Also, ensure the battery charge is sufficient to complete the installation. To be safe, I recommend connecting the iPhone to the charger.

  1. Go to ” Settings > General > Software Update when your iPhone restarts. “Assuming the beta profile establishment methodology was effective, you would find iOS 16 Beta accessible for download. At this point, all that remains is to click on ” Download and install ” and wait for the iOS 16 Beta installation process to complete. 
  2. Once the installation is complete, you can go to ” Settings > General > Info ” to locate the ” iOS version ” item and verify that iOS 16 has been installed correctly.

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