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How Long Does It Take To Activate A New Internet Line?

I’ll let you in on a secret: when a company contacts me to activate a new Internet connection, it’s not only the subscription costs and the quality of the technical support that weigh on the final choice but also the activation times. Indeed, it is true that only some can wait 1 or 2 months before the new corporate Internet connection is ready. 

Therefore, we end up choosing different solutions from those originally contemplated only because they are immediately available or, in any case, can be activated at more than reasonable times. Having said this, it is important to know that the variables that influence the activation times of an Internet supply are not few and depend, in most cases, on 3 factors: the starting technical conditions, the company’s technological needs and the issues of administrative or commercial nature. 

Finally, one thing must be immediately clear: as with any building or modernization work, as the structural interventions increase, so do the waiting times, especially for cable connections ( pure fiber, FTTC, FTTH, etc.). In this sense, the main example is dedicated fiber connections, where the activation times – given the need to connect the operator’s exchange with the customer’s property via an exclusive circuit – are much longer than those of a shared fiber connection. So let’s see each connectivity solution’s average activation times – i.e., net of catastrophes and unforeseen events.

Dedicated Fibre Optic Connections, FTTH And FTTC

The fibre optic connection is the most requested type of connection in recent years, but activation times vary according to the chosen mode:

  1. For the dedicated optical fibre – also called “pure” or “project” – the average activation times are between 60 and 120 working days
  2. For shared optical fibre ( VDSL, EVDSL, FTTC or FTTH ), on the other hand, the average activation times vary from 20 to 30 working days

Wireless Internet Via Dedicated Or Shared Radio Link

The radio link is, among all, the most versatile means of connection, but also, in this case, it is necessary to distinguish between dedicated solutions and shared solutions :

  1. For a dedicated radio link (Hiperlan), the average activation times are around 40 working days
  2. For a shared radio link (FWA), on the other hand, the average activation times vary from 20 to 30 working days

Satellite Links

KA-SAT satellite Internet connections represent the so-called “last resort” because they are used in remote areas and are impossible to connect via cable or wireless, such as oil rigs. In this specific case, the activation times depend mainly on the availability of the technical team that will take care of the assembly of the devices, with an average weight of around 10 working days.

Delays And Slowdowns: The Most Common Causes

As the connection methods vary, the possible unforeseen events also vary, affecting activation times. As far as shared connectivity solutions are concerned, in addition to the classic problems of an administrative nature and those related to the shipment of the devices, it happens that, during the connection phase to the street cabinets, technical difficulties arise. If, on the other hand, we are talking about dedicated connectivity solutions, the delays are often linked to purely bureaucratic issues or too technical difficulties that arose during excavation operations or the wiring phase.

A Tip For Everyone

Having reached the end of this close comparison between our connectivity services, we can say that, net of hitches and “bad luck” of various and possible natures, activating a new Internet line usually takes a few weeks. I leave you with the same recommendation to all my clients: once the contract has been signed and work has begun, do not disappear from circulation and carefully follow the instructions.

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