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Digital Marketing Objectives: My Method For Planning Them

When you see someone who has come to success, you always think of his luck. But are you sure it’s luck? ; his not success is the result not only of sacrifices but of careful planning of objectives. It’s not easy, and you can do it right overnight; you have to put your effort into it and, above all, have a method. Programming goals to do a good digital marketing job, which generally applies to life, is a fundamental activity.

The hardest part is finding a method, a “how,” but once acquired, it will all be downhill or almost. I have found a method that is effective and works for me. I have been applying for it for some time now and am satisfied. Today I want to share it with you to give you an idea, so take it as a suggestion, not a rule.

Programming Goals In Digital Marketing: Where To Start

My way of planning my goals results from mistakes, attempts, and, finally, a series of actions that have proved to be functional. You may have to change something, and you will have to adapt this method to your needs, but I still hope to give you a good starting point and, above all, an incentive to do more and better.

A Look At What’s Been Happening Lately

The first thing I do is define the goals and to do this, I need to reflect on what has happened, in this case in my working life, but it also applies to everything else (in another article, I will tell you how I plan goals in private life, with family, friends, and colleagues). I take my time; it can be an hour, two, a morning, or even a few minutes. Back to the recent things I’ve done, I look at the results, and from here, I propose new goals.

The reasoning that must be done is always to look at the positive and negative things. If you think only of successes, excluding failures from the analysis, you could be planning goals that are too optimistic: it is useless to you. Try to be as critical and objective as possible. Make a careful and detailed analysis of what you’ve done up to now, and note down the things that have gone well and those that have gone badly.

I Analyze The Aspects I Have Worked On

The second step is to analyze all the aspects I’ve worked on. This step is important because I have to evaluate all those aspects on which I have had influence and those on which I have not had any for various reasons. Some things can be influenced, and others cannot be influenced, such as the unexpected. Awareness of what can be improved and modified and what is useless to waste time on is very important.

I Program The “Potential” Goal

This is the crucial step: programming. As in everything else, programming goals in online marketing require absolute concreteness. That’s why in principle, I define the “potential” objectives because then I have to verify that what I have in mind are valid objectives. I won’t bore you with long speeches on the concept of goal; we all more or less have an idea of ​​what it means. 

However, we need to differentiate between concrete goals, i.e., affordable ones, and imaginative goals. If I say I want to buy a house in Malibu right now, I’m working on my imagination; it’s not a concrete goal. Similarly, if my company has invoiced 50,000 euros this year, I cannot set myself the goal of having invoices of 200,000 next year. Goals must always be concrete and achievable. 

To be so, they must meet a fundamental requirement: measurable. A measurable goal, for example, is to want to invoice 60,000 euros this year, lose 5 kg within two months, or save 300 euros a month to take a trip next Christmas; in short, all concrete and measurable things. I have to believe in the goals that I set for myself. If I don’t believe it, I’m lost along the way.

Concrete And Analytical Analysis For Programming

At this point, I have found one or more valid objectives. The next step is to plan them, so what do I do? I write them down analytically. For example, if I want to find new customers, I write the goal in numerical terms: I want to find 10 new customers a month within the next two months. This is concrete, achievable, and one I can believe in, so it’s a good goal. What do I need to acquire 10 new customers a month? 

In this step, I write down a program, which can be a specific marketing strategy or an advertising campaign; in short, I write down all the things that can be useful within the planning. Setting deadlines is important, and so is meeting them. Another thing I plan is the involvement of the collaborators I’ll need, depending on what I will do. Finally, I always plan the budget I’ll need to achieve my goal, trying to have certain flexibility to contemplate any unforeseen events: it’s better to budget for something more than something less.

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