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Five Social Media Marketing Trends For 2021

2021 will take its course – and a lot has already happened in the social media world. Time for us to take a look at the latest developments in social media marketing. This year, too, we cannot avoid the global pandemic, which affects many people’s everyday lives and social media use.

It’s All About The Community: Interaction, Communication And Bonding

Due to contact and travel restrictions, people are increasingly communicating at a distance. In particular, the digital exchange has established itself: Communication takes place via chat providers, video platforms, and social media. The connection to friends, family and acquaintances plays an essential role – but also the contact to companies is increasingly shifting to the social web. Shops are closed in many places, and direct contact persons are not available. 

The community is increasingly looking for up-to-date information, quick feedback and active involvement in the action online. This means that social networks play a decisive role in customer communication and loyalty. In these extraordinary times, community management is more valuable than ever – and it is likely to remain so after the crisis. The interactive relationship with your community is necessary for customer loyalty. Interactions with the community promote the authenticity and positive image of a company or brand that goes beyond digital boundaries. 

The platforms offer a wide range of options for this. Survey, quiz or question stickers open up creative ways to interact with users in Instagram Stories. “This-or-That” surveys can even be used to filter out specific consumption preferences of customers. The optimal maintenance of relationships in social networks is crucial for the customer journey and can significantly contribute to the fulfilment of awareness goals or defined sales. The community and community management shouldn’t be underestimated in 2021.

Social Commerce: The New Shopping Experience

When it comes to social commerce, one channel has a particularly pioneering position: Instagram. In 2018, the platform rolled out the first shopping function for business profiles – with success. With an integrated shop, companies sell their products directly on Instagram without direct their customers to an external page. The network maps the entire customer journey from the inspiration to the postings with the linked products to the purchase. 

An advantage, especially in times like the ongoing corona pandemic. The retail trade is closed, and some transactions can only take place by pick-up. No wonder social commerce is on the rise. In addition to the external circumstances, the social media platforms also accelerate this development by continuously improving their functionality. This is how Facebook started its Shop function last year. 

The biggest among the big players, however, remains Instagram:

  1. Your shops can be integrated directly into the profile there.
  2. The new menu design puts the shopping button in a central position.
  3. There are various ways of integrating product tagging: in the feed, in the stories and on IGTV. The shoppable function in reels and live shopping are being tested and should follow.

With all these variations, one thing is particularly evident: creating an entirely new shopping experience. Shopping can be combined with storytelling in social media – stories that attract attention, appeal to emotions and lead to active purchases because customers can purchase a product immediately where they experience it.

Strong Influencer Marketing: Valuable Advertising Partners

Companies and brands can not only advertise and sell their products via social shops. Influencers have established themselves as valuable advertising partners in social networks. As individuals, they can target their community and present products or services via platforms, especially Instagram. And they enjoy a high trust factor from their followers.

Influencer Marketing will remain an essential building block for building and maintaining brand image and growth in social media in 2021. The variety of influencers is large and growing continuously. Whether nano, micro, macro or mega influencers: different ranges, orientations and thematic focuses allow companies and brands to reach their target group accurately. 

The right choice is the be-all and end-all of a collaboration. It is particularly advantageous if a temporary partnership results in a long-term partnership – keyword: influencer relations. Both sides benefit from this in the long term, and influencers can become authentic brand ambassadors.

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Video Is King: Creative, Interactive And Short

Moving images have conquered social media marketing. Social networks themselves promote video content, and consumer expectations have changed. The following video formats have established themselves on well-known platforms:

  1. On Facebook, it is video postings, stories and live sessions that can appear on Facebook Watch.
  2. On Instagram, videos can be published as feed posts, IGTV, reels, live videos or stories.

Each of these formats is characterized by a unique style. They differ in terms of their design, length and presentation. 

Short videos, in particular, have prevailed in social media. Often they are no longer than a few seconds or minutes. Nevertheless, users have high expectations of the video content: They want creativity, innovation and interactivity. Entertainment comes first. Interactive, moving elements such as GIFs or AR filters, for example, can create an original hook. These can be designed to match the company or brand and playfully convey the brand image on social media. Remixing is also a popular option. 

Music is linked to their video content, or users refer directly to other videos by imitating, parodying, commenting or expanding on them. There are no limits to creativity in 2021. With innovative video content, companies and brands provide unique added value for users, allowing them to look behind the scenes and better convey authenticity and emotions. Moving images attract more attention to users. In addition, they perceive the content via different sensory stimuli and internalize it. A meaningful and intensive touchpoint is created in the marketing funnel.

Social Advertising: The Perfect Match

By 2021, experts expect a further increase in spending. Social advertising is booming, and there are several reasons for this: For one thing, people are currently spending even more time on social networks. As a result, you consume additional content – including sponsored content. Companies and brands, therefore, have good prerequisites for generating strong impressions and reach with their advertisements.

On the other hand, the platforms’ precise targeting options enable you to address your target group precisely. The sponsored content reaches exactly the desired users – and that in almost every network. However, the content must also be correct. You need appealing, high-quality content that offers users added value. Creative and everyday topics, visuals and graphics, as well as convincing and emotionalizing moving image ideas, are precisely the right recipe for this.

Paired with smart calls-to-action, you can achieve top performance. The ads should always follow a developed advertising strategy and pay into a set goal at all times. Should the ads serve the first funnel level and create awareness or target people again through retargeting? The target group, content, calls-to-action, and the appropriate KPIs should be selected based on these questions. The perfect match can only be achieved through a clever interplay of these factors.

Social Media Is The Place To Be: High Potential And Diverse Possibilities

If you want people to encounter your brand or products in 2021, it’s best to use social media! The five social media marketing trends presented for 2021 show the potential for companies and brands in social networks. Your target group spends every day on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and usage is steadily increasing. Technical advancements and media formats offer a wide range of possibilities for creative and targeted marketing measures.

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