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Dual SIM WhatsApp: How It Works With Two Numbers

You can use WhatsApp with a dual SIM, but you must pay attention to a few things. Could you use WhatsApp with a dual SIM? This question is justified because the messenger only works with a cell phone number. Under certain conditions, however, you can also simultaneously use WhatsApp on two accounts. This article will show you exactly what this looks like on Android and iPhone.

Use Dual SIM With WhatsApp On Android

To use two accounts on your cell phone, in the first step, you need two active SIM cards, each with its phone number. With a dual SIM, for example, you can practically use a private and a business cell phone number on one device. With Android 8, smartphone manufacturers have added a feature allowing you to set up two accounts with messenger apps. This is how it works on Samsung devices with Dual SIM and WhatsApp :

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Then go to “Advanced Features.” There you will find the Dual Messenger section.
  3. Activate the option for WhatsApp.
  4. The second version of WhatsApp will be installed. However, you can easily recognize this function by the orange-coloured icon in the lower right corner.
  5. Then open the new WhatsApp installation and set up your account with the second number.

When you set up your second Dual SIM account with WhatsApp, you also specify which contacts the second version of WhatsApp should access. This is an excellent way to separate contacts with Dual SIM WhatsApp. Private things are then no longer so easily confused with professional ones.

Dual SIM And WhatsApp From Other Manufacturers

Samsung is not alone with this feature. With other manufacturers, you may have to look for other names.

  1. On Huawei and Honor devices, you can find this setting under “Apps and Permissions”> “App Twin.”
  2. Xiaomi smartphones have hidden this function under the “Apps” menu item.
  3. For One Plus phones, you must go to the app settings and the “Parallel Apps” item.

In addition to the right mobile phone for dual SIM cards, the manufacturer is also important. No matter how up-to-date your Android version is, some manufacturers do not support the dual SIM function with WhatsApp.

Use Dual SIM And WhatsApp Via Android

If you now have a cell phone from a manufacturer that does not use the integrated function for two WhatsApp accounts, you do not have to do without it. With the external app “Parallel Space,” you get the same result. It’s just a little more complicated than using the built-in Dual SIM WhatsApp feature:

  1. Download the app from the store and assign the appropriate permissions.
  2. Tap Continue and tap the app you’d like to duplicate. How to add WhatsApp to Parallel Space.
  3. Set the proper authorizations here and register with your second cell phone number.
  4. You can now use the second WhatsApp account in “Parallel Space.”

In addition to “Parallel Space,” there are various third-party apps in the Play Store. Unfortunately, most of these are untrustworthy.

Does This Also Work With The iPhone?

Using WhatsApp on an iPhone with a dual SIM proves much more complex than on Android devices. You can use the dual SIM with the iPhone without problems, but you cannot duplicate WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business can be an attractive solution for some. This is an official version of WhatsApp Messenger, designed for small businesses. Companies should seek contact with customers with this version, but private exchanges between WhatsApp users are possible. This is how you can separate contacts with a dual SIM on WhatsApp. Your private chats are separated from professional conversations. However, you should not switch back and forth between the two accounts that often. 

Systematic verification processes can lead to account suspensions over time. Aside from this official variant, many other offers are waiting in the app stores that promise a quick and easy solution. Note, however, that these are not official applications of the original WhatsApp app but third-party providers. These apps come from third-party sources and therefore have the risk of smuggling malware and other viruses onto your iPhone. There are also reports from users whose WhatsApp has been blocked because they have used a modified version of the messenger service.

Our Conclusion

Using WhatsApp with a dual SIM is not always easy. Since Android 8, most smartphones can duplicate the Messenger app. Here you can then register with your second number. For iOS users, this only works to a limited extent via the WhatsApp Business app. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or want to learn more about this topic.

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