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Customer Reviews: Stars In Google Ads

Search Engine Advertising or SEA describes the set of SEO methods that use paid advertising. On Google, for example, this paid referencing method is called Google Ads. When a user clicks on a result, the advertiser must pay a certain amount determined by multiple factors. This system rapidly increases website visits without any required technical changes. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you show customer review stars in Google Ads.

Use Google Stars To Improve Your Site’s Visibility

Everyone wants to have them: the yellow stars of Google! They are an effective eye-catcher in Google search results and significantly increase click-through rates, which is usually a positive ranking signal for Google. The rating stars in Google represent an evaluation of a product or service and give the Internet user an idea of ​​the quality of what he is looking for. The rating scale is from 1 to 5—the closer to 5 stars, the better.

Stars can appear in Google Ads ads, but also organic results. It doesn’t matter which of the two variants you use in both cases. You can be sure to generate more traffic for your website and new potential customers visiting your online store. This article tells you about stars in SEA (Google Ads) ads and how to get your stars displayed there. Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is essential to specify that there are two types of reviews: merchant reviews and product reviews.

Merchant Reviews 

Likewise, extra data in natural outcomes (Google Rich Snippets) can show different data in Google Ads promotions (previously: Google AdWords). To improve the probability that your internet-based store will rank well, we prescribe adding promotion expansions to your Google advertisements. These can be sure, fundamentally work on your active visitor clicking percentage for two reasons:

  1. Clients get more direct data with the survey, call, time, or cost expansions, which implies you get a special transformation rate.
  2. The extra visual components in your Google promotion can cause more clients to notice your web-based store. 

Because of the expansions, you can add extra data to your promotions, for example, connections to other site pages, a location or a phone number. Dissimilar to manual expansions, you can’t set up programmed augmentations through Google Ads. Hence, the data of client audits on the vendor will be recovered straight by Google whenever you have entered your area name. If the space entered coordinates the Google Ads promotion for a section with evaluations, then appraising stars will be shown.

Conditions For Displaying Stars In Google Ads

But before taking advantage of the visibility provided by Google stars, your e-commerce must meet the following conditions:

  1. The campaign must be on the Google search network.
  2. There must have been at least 100 ratings from different users in the last 12 months (compared to 150 previously).
  3. The average and overall mark must be at least 3.5/5.
  4. At least ten reviews must be written in the user’s target language.

For this, all available evaluations from different providers are aggregated.

The Display Of Stars In Google Shopping

Seller ratings are also displayed in Google Shopping. Google Shopping does not consider non-paying results and is powered by Google Ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Click or cost per click). The display of products with their name, images, price and availability, is done in the form of an advertisement for a product offer. Advertisers must open a Google Merchant Center account and upload their product listing to provide Google with the necessary information.

Once complete, the Merchant Center is linked to the existing Google Ads account. Product Ads can be enabled by selecting the “Shopping Ads” campaign type. The corresponding merchant rating is then displayed in the Shopping ads overview, and it is possible to list the ratings of all merchants offering the product on the detail pages.

Product Reviews

Product reviews (here in orange) are even more visible in the Shopping ads mentioned above. The ratings must be transmitted here to Google, and only then can Google stars be displayed for products with ratings. All ratings retrieved by Google are considered to display the product’s average rating. Product ads can also be displayed in Google Universal Search: However, only product reviews can be displayed here.

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