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Add Me To Search – Creating Your Google People Card

Creating your Google people card

Most of us search for high-profile people and celebrities on Google to learn more about them. And generally, we get all the previews similar to the knowledge panels with social media profiles, public records, interests, etc. But here, we need to notice one thing any individual can have a similar preview on Google.

So, this question has become possible and is made for us through the “add me to search” feature. This feature helps all of us who want to promote our business on our profiles and will significantly aid in doing our job efficiently in an informative, accurate, and crispy manner.

Add me to search option on Google helps you publish a public search profile card and assist you in making your profile or brand available to everyone across the globe. You can get a great public version of your profile’s knowledge panel.

It includes your name, description, profile picture, location, occupation, business, social media links, phone numbers, email address, website, etc. There is also a possibility of including images, text, and some links, which help the people to find your account on Google easily. With the feature, you can build your reputation quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Required things to create a Google people card

Creating a Google people card is an effortless thing. Usually, people make Google cards on their Android phones or tablets, iPad, or iPhones but not on desktops. Exclusively Google is not showing any set of applications to create a card on Google, but the only thing you need to do is create your card on the Google search app or a mobile browser. The only thing you need to do is you have to turn on the web activity along with a personal Google account.

Given below are the steps to create a card on Google.

Step 1: Add me to search

The first thing you need to do is search for adding me to search or add me to Google search on your phone, tablet, or iPhone.

Step 2: Viewing the example

You have another choice called a view example which will give you an idea of how we can create a Google people card. And once you have done, you have to tap on the “get started” option. So after doing this, Google will ask you to choose a Google account.

Step 3: Creating your people card

Soon after you choose the Google account you want to create, your Google people can’t automatically message engine will take you to the process of creating your Google people card. Google will give you a summary of how to create your own Google people card, and also it helps you in designing your own Google people card.

Step 4: Giving information about yourself

In creating a Google card, Google will require some information from you. The things like which are mandatory only will be asked by Google.

Things you need to have with you while creating a Google people’s card account. Below are the mandatory fields required while creating a Google people’s card account.

  • Education
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Work
  • Social profiles
  • Email
  • Home town

Step 5: saving your profile

Once you fill in all the required details regarding the Google people card, Google will give you an option to preview your profile. So, by clicking on the card, you must go through the name card before clicking the save button. And now click on it to confirm through your name card before clicking on the save button. By selecting the save option, you have successfully created your Google people card on Google.

Simple guidelines for your Google people card account

Usually, Google will provide guidelines to follow while creating a Google people card account on Google.

  1. You make sure that you have all information about yourself. And there is a threat of removing your people card account by Google if you provide unauthentic details about yourself. So, the information you provide should be accurate, and you must genuinely provide things like who you are and what you do.
  2. You can create more relevant fields along with the fields like professional, email, social media, hometown, etc.
  3. The main thing you need to do is you have to update your information frequently. You must keep your card up to date because if you don’t provide reliable information, Google may remove your card if it is not verified or updated in a while.


Many people create Google people’s cards because it helps you improve your online visibility, which was searching for you and can easily find out about you. You should constantly update the information on your card because people can search for the latest information about you on the Google people card.

You can have an update on the latest information and SEO strategies. Stay tuned to our account. Even though the system you created is secure, there is a possibility of fraudsters and spam spoiling the account.


1. How can I create a Google people card from Google?

It is a digital business that helps you invite the virtual card which contains your information and social media links. This is because you promote yourself significantly and connect to the people.

2. What is the process of creating a Google people card?

The complete information is explained in our article. Please read the article and learn how to create a Google card account on Google.

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