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5G And Edge Connectivity: The Answer To The Need For Speed

After a challenging year, the world is looking ahead, and connectivity is a good starting point. 5G technologies can lay the foundations for so-called next-generation connectivity. Still, it is an opportunity that companies must understand well, explaining the advantages that derive from having the availability of a series of digital technologies in the growth phase.

During the last year, the digital transformation has accelerated, paving the way for 5G:

  1. Remote work.
  2. Retail stores have had to organize their online presence.
  3. Use of technologies such as artificial intelligence to control the flow of people.

And this is only the beginning. Technology has been our salvation where available, but the pandemic has highlighted some disparities in access to connectivity.

Connectivity: The Unlocking Factor

The great challenge for the post-pandemic is to ensure equal access to transformative technology, best reconstructing a resilient and hybrid world. 5G is much more than a cellular telecommunications network. It is the key to unlocking experiences that were once only a figment of our imagination. It will enable smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and personalized services on demand. It will take today’s remote working to the next level by bringing mixed reality into the workplace, for example, by making three-dimensional employee training or remote precision surgery in healthcare a reality. 

However, it should not be forgotten that if 5G is the goal, edge computing technologies enable it. It is, in fact, thanks to edge computing that it is possible to reduce the latency of data processing, increase security, and make analytical decisions in real-time. The classic examples are those of autonomous vehicles, capable of braking in real-time when an obstacle is perceived, or of traffic control systems, capable of responding intelligently and quickly to traffic needs.

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Data Centers Are Changing

Powered by more innovative, connected devices in increasingly intelligent urban settings, the speed of the 5G network will shape the way we live and interact with our environment. Edge computing is the fourth element in the hybrid cloud mix; To benefit from 5G speeds, you will need to adopt excellent cloud management. 

The rain of data will continue and will increase. Preparing for the 5G future means fighting the complexity of the cloud and leveraging the actual value of corporate data to achieve concrete innovation and business efficiency. For this reason, the telecommunications industry, in particular, is at a critical point with a decline in its IT operations and revenues.

Long Live The Hybrid

Like other industries, the future of telecommunications hinges on adopting hybrid cloud platforms that, with the right technology strategies, can modernize their IT environments, enabling them to create, deploy and monetize new business services. The goal is to transform into an open and disaggregated software-defined network anchored to a world-class hardware infrastructure that provides flexibility with substantial risk mitigation rather than adopting closed and legacy systems that limit choices. 

This will accelerate the implementation of 5G networks, enabling faster monetization of services through an intelligent connectivity fabric that connects things, data flows, and people in multiple edge environments. No doubt preparing for 5G involves a tremendous collaborative effort involving technology partners first. Expanding 5G ecosystems requires continued investment and collaboration with governments, large tech companies, and third parties working together across industries. 

The opportunity is immense if we think that the forecasts for global economic production thanks to 5G are over 13 trillion dollars by 2035. But first, there is a lot of work to be done, and individuals cannot do it. In-depth industry knowledge, technical experience, and vision are fundamental to the human progress at the heart of our design.

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