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How To Use IPad As A Laptop & What To Choose

Sometimes the choice between a tablet and a laptop is a bogus problem – it’s possible to use the iPad as a laptop, but there are things to know. A tablet that turns into a laptop, quickly and easily: is it possible? Of course, especially if we are considering an iPad. Anyone who has this small device (or significant, depending on the version chosen) made by Apple knows what the potential is. It is reserved for those who have clear ideas on how to use it.

Often, those who find themselves counting between a laptop and a tablet are gripped by a Hamletic doubt. The choice is usually linked to ease of use, transport, and other factors that make the difference between one device and the other once added together. Suppose a computer proves to be much more complete in functionality and immediate to use in daily routines. In that case, even the iPad can offer its best sides, especially in terms of lightness and practicality.

Which IPad To Choose?

To use the iPad as a laptop, it is essential to make the proper selection. For sure, the one that comes closest to specific sizes is the iPad Pro, with an 11 or 12.9-inch screen practically equivalent to those of smaller laptops (the Macbook measures 13, complete with a Pro counterpart). Added to this are the M1 processor and the USB-C port it is equipped with, both for loading and data transfer.

The iPad Air can prove to be a valid but not performing option; It has a display of 10.9 inches, USB-C but an older processor: the SoC A14. Although it can give less satisfaction in this capacity, the Cupertino tablet has a decidedly lower price on its side. In both cases, there is no fan for cooling the internal components. This is a substantial difference compared to the MacBook Pro, including the little 13″, but similar to the MacBooks released at the end of 2020. They share the aluminum chassis capable of actively dispersing the heat produced by the circuits.

There is also the question of RAM. On the iPad Pro with M1 presented in 2021, the memory is integrated directly into the SoC . It is not expandable, so the model must be carefully chosen during the purchase phase to avoid later having RAM problems that we will not be able to solve if not by changing the device. We find 8 GB in the model with 1 TB of storage space and 16 GB in the one with 2 TB.

But that’s not all because the memory management on these tablets is very particular: each app can use a maximum of 5 GB of RAM, regardless of the model. It is a significant limitation since a single app will not fully exploit the memory of the most equipped Apple tablet. Even with more RAM, we will be able to make better use of multitasking and use more “heavy” apps simultaneously.

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IPad As A Laptop: It’s Easier With A Mouse And KeyBoard

Whether it’s one of the most recent versions or a not-so-trendy one, we can connect a keyboard and mouse to our iPad for better pointer control. Was it wired or wireless? It is a personal taste that decides: those equipped with a USB-C port can connect their peripheral directly to it, possibly using an adapter, otherwise carry out the Bluetooth pairing to avoid the hassle of cables and cables on the desk.

Do not forget the customization of the mouse arrow through the menu Settings> Accessibility> Pointer Control which allows variations in size, shape, and color. The keyboard uses some convenient commands such as copy and paste and Command-Tab to switch between applications. The Bitten  Apple Magic Keyboard, with an integrated trackpad, has a design that integrates seamlessly with the iPad and provides an additional USB-C for charging or memory expansion.

A different example is the Combo Touch of Logitech, which is suitable for both models from 11 inches by 12.9 “; the trackpad includes a stand and a cover protecting the display. Then there are the docks, connection points that act as multiple ports and, often, as support. Among them is the POWEREXPAND  of Anker, which contains a USB-A and USB-C, minijack 3.5 “card reader.

Which Monitor To Choose?

IPads can take advantage of external monitors to expand the viewing surface. Warning: everything is limited to mirroring in 4: 3, with black bars in the side areas not covered by the images. There are several methods: from USB-C to USB-C (speaking of the latest generation models), from USB-C to a different type of connector, and from Lightning AV to HDMI (for the previous iterations).


There are two utilities to keep in mind when using an iPad as a laptop: Split View and the Dock (virtual and non-physical). The first makes us divide the screen into two sections with as many programs as possible, with a third optional in Slide Over if supported by your model. On the other hand, the second allows you to have your recently used applications at hand to open them more quickly.

IPad As A Laptop, What’s Missing?

A thorn in the side that you have to deal with is the management of some web apps that on Safari (Apple’s native browser) assume behaviors that do not conform to traditional ones or show navigation too complex. Some compensate for the problems with specific apps downloadable on the device; for others, however, there are no viable solutions other than looking for an alternative.

There is no shortage of everyday actions that are impossible to complete. See the formatting of a USB stick or simply installing an application without necessarily using the App Store. This digital store acts as a preferential (if not unique) way for such operations. At the same time, full of opportunities, not all computer software has a counterpart for the iPad.

Therefore, something must be given up. Before embarking on this adventure, it is essential to evaluate what we need carefully and everything we can do without; if this satisfies us, why not try? We could find a square and enjoy a high-level work or leisure tool with a minimum footprint.

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