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What Can Extensive Data Management Do For Marketing?

Implementing a  Big Data Management platform is the key to any application based on the extraction of knowledge and insights (the hidden evidence, the wisdom that allows us to formulate predictions and solutions). Because? Simple: digitization, as a now pervasive phenomenon that radically transforms personal and professional experience, has generated the inevitable explosion of information, different in format and origin (the sources are the most disparate: from the intelligent products of the Internet Of Things to mobile applications, up to social networks and e-commerce portals). 

Characterized by volumes, variety and speed, Big Data represents a sea of ​​information, which hides infinite opportunities for knowledge and application. The knot to be solved is the ability to govern the indistinct mass of bits and files, isolating the “right data ” or the information relevant to each analytical process. 

Big Data Management Applied To The Market

Today, marketing is one of the privileged application fields of Big Data Analytics, which has the power to satisfy the forbidden dream of those working in the sector: that is, it returns the ability to intercept and anticipate the needs of the consumer, with the possibility of developing strategies of targeted engagement. 

The ability to know in depth the wishes of users and build a tailor-made customer journey takes on ever-increasing strategic importance in the era of multi-channelling. The relationship between brand and customer is consumed through physical spaces or supports (sales points, paper flyers, billboards, etc.) and various digital touch-points (communications via email, Internet sites, mobile apps, etc.). 

Extensive Data Management And Multichannel

The goal is to collect as much feedback as possible from the market through the various interaction channels, to structure a centralized Big Data Management system (which allows for the cross-referencing of multi-source information by integrating it with the records of the corporate CRM ), to profile and segment the customer base, build customized engagement strategies, automate marketing processes through artificial intelligence (for example the proposal of products of interest on the Internet pages visited).  

The ultimate goal is to build a  homogeneous and coherent customer experience across all channels, with the proposal of personalized and relevant content, in line with the user’s preferences, not redundant or invasive. In short, corporate messages must reach the correct recipient at the right time and on the preferred channel. Big Data Management solutions allow marketing to obtain the set of information necessary to develop the optimal customer journey for any loyal customer or prospect, with the ability to refine strategies over time thanks to the continuous updating of the available data and analytical algorithms. 

Marketing And Big Data For Perfect Communication

The timeliness of corporate messages is essential for capturing micro-moments in the multichannel space. In the era of mobile-first and everywhere shopping, the consumer accesses the digital communication and sales services of companies around and continuously; the skill of marketing is to capture attention in the brief moments in which the user demonstrates a willingness to buy or follow any call-to-action. 

The management and analysis of big data allow it to intercept micro-business opportunities and build adequate communication to involve the user on the various channels. In short, Big Data Management projects applied to multichannel marketing must be interpreted as a precious opportunity to incorporate knowledge on the market and return customized output to the customer, consistent for the brand and contextualized for the different touch-points.

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