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Seven Ideas For Choosing What To Sell Online In 2023

Anyone who runs an e-commerce business knows it: a good marketing strategy is not enough to sell online; choosing the right products matters. The first question for those who want to open a successful e-commerce business is: what should they sell online? The choice of products to offer digital users is certainly not obvious. Not all successful products in classic physical stores are suitable for online sales. 

Products that are “too common” are generally already offered by major competitors (just think of Amazon), while those that are “too niche” risk not receiving the attention they deserve. In the digital market, visibility is everything. A well-structured e-commerce site that is not visible to search engines will never be able to establish itself significantly. This is why it is essential to choose the products to sell carefully. 

Each product must have its description page, and, in turn, each page must be optimized to climb the Google rankings. Users only see the search engine’s results on the first page. To reach this position, the content of the product pages and the proper functioning of the site is essential. Precisely for this reason, it is always recommended—especially for those new to e-commerce—to choose to sell a few but well-selected products.

The first step in choosing which products to sell is understanding what users want; this is why it is essential to carry out market analyses. A handy tool in this regard could be Google Trends, the free Google tool that shows the popularity of users’ searches on Google. By understanding which products are most sought-after, you can choose what to sell in your online store based on the interests of potential customers. Here are our seven tips to help you choose what to sell on the internet: 

What To Sell Online To Earn: 7 Winning Ideas

Let’s find out together which are the best products to sell for those who want to open an online store:


What is athletics? Simply designer sportswear. Wearing sportswear even outside of training is the fashion of the moment. Teenagers especially love to dress in sportswear for any occasion: for an afternoon with friends, to go to the cinema, and, why not, even to the disco. In recent months, this trend has also been establishing itself among the older ones, spreading among young people between the ages of 20 and 30. Why sell Athleisure online? Because the user expects to find prices (even slightly) lower than those he will find in the store. 

Choose what you prefer to sell: sweatshirts, trousers, caps, leggings, socks, and shoes. To sell these items online, you don’t need a sports shop; traditional clothing stores should also create an athleisure section to promote online. An excellent job of optimizing an e-commerce product page and a social marketing strategy on Instagram and Pinterest will ensure the success of any online store selling apparel.


The watch has always been every man’s favorite companion. Why not sell it online? Again, Google data shows millions of searches are made monthly to look for offers related to watches, especially smartwatches. Smartwatches are new digital watches that can connect to your smartphone and record a series of parameters such as physical activity, steps taken during the day, heart rate, or hours of sleep. Why sell smartwatches online? 

Because intelligent watches are popular with men, women, and teenagers. They have been a great must in recent years (with more than 15 million pieces sold) and demonstrate a constantly growing trend. A “new” market that will give your e-commerce the visibility it deserves. How do you promote your smartwatch online store? With special offers and periodic posts on Instagram or Facebook showing its features and wearability.

Smartphone Accessories

What is the most commonly used object par excellence? The smartphone. But selling smartphones is not a good idea; people often prefer to make such expensive expenses by relying on particularly well-known sites, sometimes even on the phone manufacturer itself (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.). To make the most of the popularity of smartphones and get results with your e-commerce, it is recommended to sell smartphone accessories. Everyone today uses cases, tempered glasses, cables, and Bluetooth headphones. 

A winning idea could be to sell personalized smartphone accessories, such as covers with photos or writing chosen directly by the customer. These products are trendy for gift-giving. In this case, a promotional activity on Instagram can represent the natural edge of your e-commerce. Users will see photos of the accessories and be encouraged to customize their own. Finally, having customers post pictures showing their purchases will further guarantee the quality of your products.

Eco-Friendly Products

Especially in recent months, given the developments in the environmental situation of our planet, eco-friendly products have achieved particular success. More and more people are trying to buy biodegradable products to protect the environment. What to sell? Creams, cosmetics, household cleaning products, and more items to be used at home. 

What is sold in this case is not essential, but all products are eco-friendly. This must be the fundamental distinguishing feature of your e-commerce. In this case, combining the sales activity with a social marketing strategy could be a winning idea. Facebook is the most appropriate social network; with this network, you can share news on the environment to promote your products further.

Sporting Goods

What can you sell online? Especially for those who particularly love a sport, selling sporting goods is almost certainly a winning idea. It is not necessary to sell items for all sports; instead, it is recommended that you specialize in a particular sport. Shops that specifically sell football, basketball, tennis, or volleyball items are more popular with sports enthusiasts. 

For this online sales activity, promotion on social media can be of great help; in fact, especially for those who also own a physical store, photographing some well-known sportsmen in their store and then sharing the news on Instagram or Facebook could make exceptional advertising for the activity. It is always advisable to advertise with compelling discounts.

Shaping Underwear

What should I do to sell online? The secret is riding the wave of trends. For the second consecutive year, shaping underwear surprisingly asserts itself as one of the most popular categories among e-commerce users. The fundamental winning feature of this product is its versatility: garments for all tastes capable of intriguing women of all ages. Its original sector is lingerie, but the classic clothing stores will also be able to sell shaping underwear. A constantly growing trend not to be missed if you are looking for a “safe” product to sell online.

Pet Products

The market for products for dogs, cats, and other pets is one of the most stable. Establishing itself within this panorama could guarantee particularly lasting success. For this reason, selling products for man’s best friend is a promising idea, especially for those who love animals. Whether it’s hair care accessories, canned food, or entertainment games, online stores that sell products for dogs and cats succeed. Of course, the level of competition in this sector is exceptionally high. Still, an excellent job of optimizing your site and the sale of quality products will be able to reward you with success.

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