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How Do You Recognize A Good SEO Expert In 2023?

Our agency is about to adopt a new SEO expert. I thought it was the right opportunity to take stock of the qualities and skills an SEO expert should have today. SEO is a constantly evolving field. To stay up to date, you must always renew your knowledge and keep informed of the requirements of search engines. The job of SEO requires continuously meeting new challenges!

Whether you plan to recruit an SEO expert or want to use his services, it seems essential that you know several things about him to make the best possible choice! What basic skills should he have to cope with changes in the profession? What are the ideal qualities of this job? To help you choose, we have prepared a checklist of the essential skills every SEO should possess in 2020.

An SEO Expert Must Know How To Assess The Importance Of Content Marketing In SEO

Far from being a scoop, everyone knows content is at the heart of any digital strategy. “Content is King”. Therefore, your future SEO expert must know how to measure the importance and stakes of an editorial system on SEO. Content Marketing must be part of your SEO baggage since it can help you improve your natural referencing strategy. Exit the isolated SEO who works alone in his corner to create backlinks galore! No, the 2023 version SEO expert must be a real partner who works in synergy with the editors. 

The aim is to optimize the distribution of content on the blog or social networks as well as possible. Knowledge of the operation and updates of Google’s algorithms (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc., in short, the whole Noah’s Ark!) is therefore essential! The SEO must be able to keep the editorial team informed about significant content changes so that their colleagues adapt quickly to Google’s requirements.

“Anticipate” Must Be The Philosophy Of An SEO Expert

The SEO expert must be able to anticipate changes in Google’s algorithms and have a long-term vision. Faced with the perpetual changes of Google, SEO must be able to orient its SEO strategy and anticipate the future requirements of the number 1 search engine. We don’t ask him to be a diviner with his crystal ball, either! 

For example, when Google announced the launch of “mobile-friendly,” SEOs were already aware that Google would gradually give importance to mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, it was their responsibility to warn their agency and clients that from now on, it would be essential to have a responsive design website. Knowing that mobile accounts for more than 60% of web traffic today, the risk would be to no longer be visible on mobile and lose potential customers.

An SEO Expert Must Be Able To Understand The Challenges of Inbound Marketing

If your future SEO expert doesn’t know these two words, drop the ball and say NEXT! Inbound Marketing is THE new marketing technique that attracts qualified traffic to your site via relevant content. The purpose of this technique, you will understand, is to attract your visitors with content that will meet their specific needs. We, therefore, drop the traditional “push” mode considered too aggressive by Internet users. The SEO will, therefore, have to play the chameleon and put himself in the shoes of Internet users to flush out the best keywords they will type to search for information.

ROI Calculation, An SEO Expert Must Have It In Mind

At some point, a web referencing strategy must be measured to assess the return on investment. Choosing keywords is decisive in a content marketing strategy; it is up to the SEO expert to do this! The keywords will help generate qualified traffic and subsequently obtain new leads. You now understand why the SEO must know how to master the selection and integration of keywords. If your SEO expert does not evaluate the results well, you can deduce that his strategy is unreliable…

Beyond His Skills, What Qualities Should An SEO Expert Have?

As you will have understood, having experience is not a luxury for the job of SEO. Understanding the different issues and evolutions of SEO requires having a bit of a bottle, as they say. He must have a good command of SEO techniques and web languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, etc. But he must also know about communication, marketing, and ICT law. Otherwise, in terms of personal qualities, for us, a good SEO expert must be:

  1. curious
  2. organized in his work because he has to manage several clients
  3. able to work in a team
  4. dynamic and creative
  5. passionate about the web
  6. pragmatic to know how to detect what your priorities are
  7. listening to customers and having a good sense of analysis

Afterward, it’s up to you to see if other qualities seem essential to you…We already have SEO experts who match this SEO profile, so if you want to set up your SEO strategy, contact them, and you will judge their skills for yourself.

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