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IVR: What Is It, And What Can It Do?

Although IVR technology cannot be considered very recent, the potential is not yet clear to many. Above all, the evolution of functionalities towards understanding natural language is not known. IVR – Interactive Voice Response, can be translated as “interactive voice response”), a system that, thanks to artificial intelligence, to Natural Language Processing (NLP), can understand natural language, thus providing support to Contact Center or Help Desk operators: during a telephone conversation the IVR can interact with the interlocutor, processing coherent sentences and responses from time to time.

Precise, univocal answers are based on the data made available to the solution and always provided in voice mode. This clarification should immediately convey the enormous potential that an IVR platform has when it is trained correctly, developed in the right way, and, above all, implemented for the right functions. We naturally think of those that involve contact with the public, regardless of whether it is an external Front-End – starting from Customer Care – or internal company branches, such as those of the HR office or technical assistance.

IVR And Customer Care: An Effective And Economical Front-End

Setting up a Contact Center dedicated to customers is a complex and expensive activity: first of all, qualified human resources are needed to be employed for a good part of the day (or even 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if this type of assistance is promised.). Human resources must then be trained and constantly updated for the evolution of the offer, the regulatory framework of a company, and any critical issues that customers may experience.

An IVR platform allows you to build an automatic and intelligent response system capable of skimming the most urgent requests from the most easily manageable ones and even solving the simplest problems in total autonomy. Implementing an IVR solution declined for Customer Care allows companies, even the less structured ones, to have an effective Contact Center without the obligation to immobilize human resources in repetitive operations. Indeed, it offers the opportunity to devolve them towards activities with greater added value.

HR: With IVR, Corporate Bureaucracy Becomes More Agile

The IVR is useful for understanding the need and directing you towards a simple answer or a relevant resource, usually human. In the same way, therefore, it can play a strategic role in simplifying internal procedures and corporate bureaucracy. Think of the amount of work that – especially in large organizations – HR employees have to manage daily to respond to the demands of the corporate population. 

As most of the time, these are standard responses and the compilation of predefined forms (for example, sick leave), the ai-driven technology of natural language understanding, combined with an automated response system, becomes a useful ally of the office. Personnel both in sorting the various types of queries, thus making operations more agile and improving the effectiveness and completeness of the answers.

Technical Assistance Through IVR: A New Approach To Ticket Management

The other “hot” internal front is technical assistance, especially for the use of IT platforms. The management of trouble tickets by information systems workers is an extremely time-consuming activity. It can result in critical issues, especially in a moment of extraordinary administration like the current one: due to the coronavirus emergency, many companies wanted to continue to be productive they had to resort to remote work, and this involved both increasing efforts to ensure full operation without going to the detriment of the cybersecurity of tasks and processes, and increasing requests for assistance from less advanced users. Compared to the first theme, it is not possible to save resources and time. Adopting an IVR system can make a difference, significantly relieving technicians’ workload.

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