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Big Data In Companies: How Are They Used?

Big Data is increasingly at the center of corporate operations. To be more competitive, companies must collect a growing amount of data, which allows them to optimize the production sector (reducing errors and downtime) and improve their approach to the market at the marketing level. Wherever you look at it, the Big Data revolution is destined to change entire industries forever. Let’s find out how and why companies are using them.

Big Data: What Are They?

A large amount of data. This is what Big Data is. Ok, but where does all this information go? Simple, with the increasing presence of objects, internal and external, closely linked to the company and equipped with sensors. Digital transformation has as its starting point the connection to the network of machines and other decisive elements for every business process.

Each of these objects continuously records data, reporting them in real-time on the dashboards of the people who have decision-making power. In this way, we find ourselves invaded by information that, if adequately reclassified, can improve the functioning of any company department. , from logistics to production, inevitably passing through marketing.

Manufacturing Sector: The Centrality Of Data

Over time, any company in the manufacturing sector has cradled a dream in the drawer: to reduce production interruptions to a minimum by identifying the bottlenecks in advance and reducing costs. Today, thanks to Big Data, this has become an absolute reality. Equipping all the production machines with sensors makes it possible to analyze any data returned during the operational phase and thus understand if there are worrying deviations, such as to suggest a hypothetical malfunction. In this case, it is, therefore, possible to intervene immediately on maintenance, avoiding production interruptions.

More And More Information On User Behavior

Another area where Big Data is already playing a big part is marketing. For example, combined with two other technologies such as Analytics or Machine Learning, Big Data allows for an increasingly in-depth analysis of user behavior. Thanks to this enormous amount of information, it is possible to analyze in detail every little action that an online user performs: how much time has he spent on the site, which pages he has visited, how much he has focused on each page, which products he has viewed, in which time of day and so on. It is undeniable that the ability to rearrange these indications gives the marketing industry a unique opportunity to refine its strategies.

Healthcare And Banks: Where Big Data Can Explode

The healthcare sector and the credit ecosystem are starting to invest heavily in Big Data, aware of the enormous scenarios this technology can open up. Having this amount of information always available for the healthcare sector in detail allows you to optimize the entire logistics process. Medical records become electronic and data readily available. This will enable you to automate numerous functions, such as – for example – booking specialist visits or influenza vaccinations. 

Patients can also benefit enormously: their access to data becomes more accessible and faster. On the other hand, the banking sector can gain from the long-standing fight against fraud or anti-money laundering. Combining Big Data with machine learning makes it possible to analyze a large amount of data in real-time and to intercept anomalous and fraudulent banking actions and behaviors in advance.

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