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How To Find An IPhone, When Turned Off, & Ways To Lock A Lost IPhone

The Where is ( Find me) function from Apple is always very useful to find the Apple devices missing around the house: but with the launch of AirTag, the Where is app has taken on a new prerogative to see the machines too. He was lost around. Thanks to the Ultra-Wideband, all Apple products equipped with the latest-generation chip communicate constantly and securely, updating the position of the devices in the background. 

For this reason, in case of a lost AirTag or iPhone, you can see where it is on the map, thanks to all the other Apple users who pass by.  What many do not know, however, is that with iOS 15, it is possible to locate your iPhone even if it is turned off (perhaps even with a low battery): it is easy to understand. Therefore, that Where is, it becomes a genuinely inevitable feature.  To use the feature, you’ll need to activate the Where. Open the settings, click on your name at the top, and then on Where. 

Here we will need to make sure that all three items are enabled :

  1. Find My iPhone allows you to show your iPhone on the Where Is map;
  2. Where is Network allows the Network of other Apple devices to map the location of the iPhone and then find it even if it is turned off;
  3. Send Last Location sends the iPhone’s location to Apple’s servers when the battery is running low.

However, it must be borne in mind that the possibility of finding the iPhone even when turned off only works with the most recent models equipped with the U1 chip, i.e., iPhone 11 and above. If you have no other Apple devices from which to run the app, you can see the map of your devices even from any browser at iCloud.com/find. 

If the iPhone is still on, it is also possible to remotely set the Lost Mode, applicable if someone finds your lost iPhone. By activating Lost Mode, you can enter a number to be contacted and a personalized message. After completing the procedure, the iPhone will be locked until you enter the unlock code again.

All The Ways To Lock A Lost IPhone

Let’s face it, losing your iPhone (or at least your smartphone) is a minor tragedy to face. At stake is not only the economic impact of the loss of a valuable product. But also that feeling of being violated in the sphere of privacy. Because lost can also mean stolen and therefore put messages, photos, and personal documents in the hands of a stranger.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that the Cupertino multinational has developed more than one solution to block a lost iPhone. And maybe regain possession of it. In some ways, it is also a deterrent for malicious people, taking into account that the locked iPhone (but also the iPad or other Apple devices) becomes unusable without knowing the unlock code. So let’s find out what procedures are possible today to lock the iPhone remotely.

How To Lock A Lost IPhone With ICloud

Among the services of the Apple account, there is access to access cloud services, such as device geolocation. It happens because the iPhone is connected to an Apple account that can be accessed via browser from a PC or through another device of the bitten apple. More precisely, you need to click on the dedicated address and enter your username and password. The next step would be typing the verification code. We use the conditional precisely because it is sent to your iPhone. But since it is lost or, in any case, not in one’s possession, it cannot be viewed. However, Apple does allow you to access the Find iPhone function.

From here, you are directed to a page with the display of a geographical map in which to locate your Apple devices, recognizable by green dots. Clicking on the chosen one opens the control window. Here are some valid data, such as the time since the last contact and the remaining battery. But above all, three possibilities are proposed: Play, Lost Mode, and Initialize iPhone. By choosing Lost Mode, it is thus possible to communicate with the person holding or finding the iPhone. Not only that, but by activating this Mode, payment cards and associated services are automatically suspended.

The Find My Service To Block Lost IPhone

At the end of the procedure we have just examined, the lost iPhone remains protected by the same unlock code used for access. The logic is simple to understand: why provide for an additional block if the smartphone is still unusable without the code? The main practical difference is the indispensability of another iOS device. If the smartphone is associated with another Apple account, it must first be disconnected and connected from the same account configured on the lost iPhone.

The procedure is consumed with a few taps on display. Just access the Settings and press on the username at the top of the screen. Then, after opening the tab, scroll down until you find the item Exit. At this point, the user can log in again with a different Apple account. Then opening the Find, My app should be able to see the location of the device.

Lost IPhone, The Importance Of Reporting To The Police

The critical point not to lose sight of is that the iPhone is an object (of value) like any other. In other words, in theft or loss, the owner retains the full right to complain. On the one hand, it is advisable to do this out of civic duty. On the other, in the hope that it can be found. Yes, because although the direct connection via iCloud is precious for reconstructing the position of the iPhone with a good approximation, it is by no means sure that it is helpful for recovery by the police.

In any case, from a practical point of view, the report must be sent to a command of the Carabinieri or the State Police. The smartphone’s owner signed by Apple must present himself with an identification document and be as precise and detailed as possible in reconstructing the facts. In essence, it must describe the methods and circumstances of the theft or involuntary loss of the device. At the same time, it is also good practice to indicate the serial number printed as a barcode on the original box or shown on the purchase invoice. In this way, there will be no uncertainty about the actual ownership of the iPhone.

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