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How Does Google Wallet Work?

The current trend tends to lead the world towards the simplification of banking operations and online payments via mobile applications for websites. You’ve probably heard of Google Wallet before. But what is it exactly?

Presentation Of The Google Wallet Service?

In partnership with sprint, the Internet giant Google launched its local payment service throughout the United States on September 19th. Its name: Wallet. This service thus replaces Google Checkout with the ambition of competing with the PayPal online payment system. Google Offers will complement it. This Google Wallet mobile payment system offers a multitude of opportunities to customers. 

It allows all its users to store multiple cards, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and even contactless payment. The objective is to transform the intelligent mobile phone into a virtual wallet. A genuine mobile electronic wallet integrated into the smartphone, Google Wallet has been talked about a lot since its announcement by the American giant. Since 2013, it is now possible to send money via Gmail thanks to this mobile application.

Why A “Portfolio” Application?

Google’s idea is simple: implement proximity payment, that is to say, offer users the ability to pay for their purchases and automatically manage their point systems and discounts. You have to pass your smartphone in front of a digital reader installed in a shop, more precisely at the checkout level. Further pushing the idea, Google integrates into its application a system in which we find special promotions called Google Offers. It is a kind of space that allows merchants to offer discount prices to those who use the digital wallet.

How Does Google Wallet Work?

To use the Google Wallet service, you must first have an Android smartphone with NFC technology. Then, you will have to configure your mobile account with your credit card information via the Google service: it’s free. Finally, merchants must also have compatible payment terminals to make a payment. This is to pass his phone on a said terminal and thus settle the payment.

Each time you make a payment, you will receive a notification on your phone. As said before, Google Wallet is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows the exchange of information wirelessly, at short range and high frequency. As a result, it uses PayPass readers and is fully accessible to those who hold Citi MasterCard cards and own a smartphone with an NFC module.

How To Create A Google Wallet Account?

The procedure for creating a Google Wallet account is quite simple. Here are the different steps to follow that will allow you to install Google Wallet on your mobile phone without any difficulty. First of all, you must have a Google account;

  1. Next, you need to sign in to Google Wallet using your Google account. Once done, you need to move on to configuring the Google Wallet settings. To do so, all you have to do is fill in the boxes with your information, including those concerning billing, and validate the action by clicking on the ”  accept and create ” tab;
  2. Check all your data to avoid transaction cancellations. There is an icon in the top right corner of the leading google wallet interface. You have to click on it. The page that will open will allow you, if necessary, to change your address or even your name;
  3. You’ll also need to verify your account to access all of Google Wallet’s features. After that, you can activate the Google Wallet card with a system that includes security and notifications;
  4. It would help if you also had a PIN code, i.e., a four-digit code that allows you to secure your account. This is certainly an additional option, but it is essential for the security of your account. You will be asked for this PIN when you want to send money, extract it, or make payments. To create this PIN, all you have to do is click on ”  Configure PIN, “type in the four digits, and then save them by clicking on the ”  Create a PIN  ” tab.

How To Install Google Wallet On A Smartphone?

Google has decided to merge its Android Pay service (its new mobile payment platform) with Google Wallet. With Google Pay, it will be much easier to use the payment data stored in your Google account, which will speed up purchases. As a reminder, Android Pay requires you to have a compatible terminal, i.e., an Android phone with an NFC chip, under (at least) Android 4.4 KitKat or a higher version of the OS. 

It will also be possible to make in-app purchases from applications supporting Android Pay. When these measures are followed, the rest is relatively simple. Being on the Play Store, Google Wallet will be enough to download it from the latter. Google play services will check compatibility with your terminal before starting the download. Then all you have to do is click on the Google Wallet icon and follow the instructions until the application is fully installed.

Google Wallet: Conclusion

You can see that the world and all transactions are inevitably moving towards mobility and remote transactions. Google Wallet is a small revolution that will quickly be highlighted with the various services offered by Google.

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