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Ten Tricks You Still Don’t Know To Make The Most Of Spotify

To discover hidden features and options of your favorite time-waster. Spotify celebrated its first three years last week. The streaming service is today, even in our country, one of the most used platforms for listening to and discovering new music. The goal is to act as a 24-hour entertainment platform. The music retains a privileged place, but other contents are also added to the user’s listening experiences, such as podcasts or commentaries “. We have tested ten new tricks for you to use to make this experience even better and make you discover hidden features and options of your favorite time-waster. Have a good listen.

How To Edit Album Tracklists To Your Liking

Do you ever listen to records and think: “It would be better if the songs had a different order”? If you have Spotify Premium and are using the mobile app, there is a way to take control of the tracklist without skipping or deleting tracks manually. When a song is playing in full-screen mode, tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner. It will allow you to reorder and delete songs in the queue without affecting the correct order of the album or playlist in your library.

How To Create Playlists From Your Daily Life

Every day, on the street, in the office, in the restaurant, we are bombarded with sound stimuli. Spotify allows us to create a playlist that brings together that song we listened to while having coffee and the other one that accompanied us during the choice of yogurts at the supermarket. Just have Shazam open it every time a particular piece hits us, push the “Add” button to the top right and find the mixtape of our day on Spotify.

How To Listen To Something No One Has Ever Heard Of

Of the 30 million or so songs on Spotify, there are at least a couple of million that no one has ever heard. Never. Precisely for this, there is Forgotify, an excellent service that digs into this sea of ​​strange stuff and plays a piece at random for you. 

How To Make The Most Of Advanced Search By Genres

Apart from the usual rock, country, r & b, EDM, etc. On the home page, you can easily find that Spotify uses a sound system of tags by genre. This allows you, for example, by using the correct search terms, to explore all the chill wave catalogs present in the database from 2007 to 2010 or all the hip hop published in the 90s. The correct tag to insert in the search bar is in that case: “genre: hip-hop year: 1990-1999”.

How To Have Your Entire Library Available Offline

If you have Spotify Premium, you already know it. You can save your songs locally for offline listening. It’s a must-have if you need to take the subway, fly on a plane, or limit your data traffic. But sometimes, you feel like listening to that new hit that you didn’t have time to copy. No problem: if you have 3,333 songs between playlists and albums, you can save them all on your phone without tediously switching between different tabs each time. Just select “Songs” in the “Your Music” menu, select the “available offline” option, and that’s it. Yes, it will take a lot of storage space on your phone, but isn’t that why you bought that 128GB model?

How To Stop Interruptions From Your Phone

There is nothing more annoying while listening to a song on your smartphone than being interrupted by the sound of a notification. If you are using an iPhone, switch the mute button on the side of the phone. If you have an Android phone in your hand, the trick is to set the vibration mode. If that doesn’t work too (every Android phone is a world unto itself, unfortunately, or fortunately), there is an app that can help you: it’s called – women omen – Don’t Pause, and it’s free.

How To Use Algorithms To Give New Life To Playlists

You already know the thematic playlists that are updated daily, the Discover Weekly, and the ability to create a radio entirely based on your tastes. You probably don’t know that it’s possible to shape and revamp your favorite playlists. Click on the ellipsis above and select the “Create a radio playlist” option. In this way, Spotify gives new life to your choices by making them flanked by tracks that you have never listened to before and that, yes, you will surely like, because they are selected thanks to algorithms. A way to explore an unknown part of your musical DNA.

How To Add Songs From Your Computer 

Spotify has pretty much it all, but its library has significant gaps. However, you need a Spotify Premium account, and you can play everything you have on your computer in Spotify, allowing you to synchronize it on your phone at the same time. Just add the local files to a Spotify playlist on your computer. Then make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the phone app, and your local files are friendly and ready in the new playlist. Surprise.

How To Best Share Songs On Social Media

You can run into some obstacles when trying to share your favorite songs on social platforms. Many times your friends might not be able to hear the last piece you posted. The song.link site is purpose-built to make things right. Just enter the name of a song, and here is a link to it that can work on different services: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, YouTube, and Deezer. Remember that it only works with individual songs, not albums or playlists. 

How To Create Collaborative Playlists

You can give life to an infinite back-to-back with your friends, virtual jams that will allow you to vary in the universe of Andean rock and make you discover masterpieces that you did not know existed. Click on the ellipsis, select the “Collaborative Playlist” option and start the game. Keep in mind that new attendees need to be followers of your playlist already.

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