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Five Tricks To Grow Your SME Business Online

Using the Internet is essential to grow and internationalize our business. Here is a series of tips for the digital transformation of SMEs. When we talk about growth and internationalization opportunities, almost all market analysts agree on identifying a keyword to achieve these objectives: the Internet. Yet SMEs don’t always use the web to promote their businesses and find new customers. A worrying fact because it is accompanied by a lack of awareness of the medium’s potential: only 50% believe the web to be influential in purchasing decisions, while many are almost frightened by the Internet. 

The vast majority fear that creating a website costs too much, are unable to do so and do not consider it strategic for the business. Considerations, however, that most of the time turn out to be wrong: beyond the importance of having a digital showcase, creating a company website does not require many skills and, above all, has limited costs. Thanks to simple best practices to create an effective website, optimizing content for search engines and winning new customers through “simple” online searches will be possible.

Quick And Practical Information

One of the main reasons that should lead companies to develop a professional website is to promote their business and gain new customers. Therefore, the site’s structure must be as clear and “elementary” as possible: avoid categories that are too “deep” and nested. All pages must be reachable in a couple of clicks, three at the most: on the contrary, the user may have difficulty navigating between the sections and finding what he is looking for.

Call To Action

The call to action, literally a “call to action,” are those messages and buttons that invite the user to do something on our site. It could be sharing our web page on social networks, a switch to online booking, or a button to contact an assistance center. The calls to action can be endless and depend on the sector and the type of company we own. To give a practical example, many hairdressing sites allow customers to book an appointment for hair cutting by choosing their favorite time and date via a call to action with two or three clicks.

Responsive Sites

We have already mentioned the importance of having a responsive site. But what does all this mean? A portal is responsive when it automatically adapts to the display depending on the device used by the user. This aspect may seem secondary, but it is fundamental. For example, let’s say we create a “standard” corporate site that has optimal viewing only on a PC. A potential customer who enters our site with a smartphone will have a user experience that is anything but attractive. He will soon leave our portal, and we will have lost him. In addition, search engines penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile.

The Importance Of A Good Description

Texts are one essential part of a corporate website. Many think that the products and services are enough to make our company stand out from the others, but this is not the case. We must present each of our offers with the right words. And it is also essential to have a good description of what our company is and what we do. Not everyone knows us, and introducing ourselves is kind. The professional way is an excellent business card for new customers.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social networks are one of the best channels to reach new customers. Even in this case, improvisation does not pay. Consumers are now used to interacting with companies on various social media. If we were unable to respond or publish the wrong content on Facebook or Twitter, the return of the image would be terrible. Therefore, the advice is to rely on specific professional figures who deal with online business communication. Suppose this is not possible for budgetary reasons. In that case, it is necessary to maintain a coherent and transparent tone in all communications and, above all, a reasonable rate of responsiveness in terms of response.

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