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What Is SEMrush, How Does It Work, And How Much Does Tool Cost?

SEMrush is a tool which can be used via various devices, which provides users with multiple functions relating to the activities to be carried out from an SEO perspective. In the vast panorama of tools that help agencies, companies and professionals to carry out SEO -related activities, Google Trends, SEOZoom and SEMrush are certainly valuable allies in achieving their professional goals. Therefore, it may be appropriate to clarify what SEMrush is, how it works, and what benefits it offers to users.

What Is SEMrush, And How It Work

SEMrush is a tool that helps users and companies in the management of SEO-related activities and that can be used via various devices: to use the desktop tool, log in to its website; alternatively, anyone wishing to opt for the use of mobile devices can download the official app of the resource from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

Using SEMrush For Free

From the tool’s website, users can learn important information about the device, such as that you can use SEMrush for gratis or take out paid subscriptions. Specifically, by consulting the SEMrush blog, the user can discover that it is possible to test some paid plans of the resource for free for seven days. In this case, the user must enter credentials and data relating to the payment method. The suggestion is to deactivate the subscription before the trial period expires to avoid charges on your account if you do not want to renew it for a fee. Alternatively, the tested plan will be activated automatically at the indicated rate.

It should be noted that there is also the possibility of using SEMrush for free without time limits. The user can subscribe not only to a temporary trial but a real free plan without having to enter any data relating to the payment method. Accessing this type of plan is easy and intuitive: when registering on the platform, the user can click on the “Start now” and “Create account” buttons. Later, after entering their data, the user can choose whether to immediately access the platform control panel with the “Free” plan or test some specific goals.

What Is SEMrush For

SEMrush is a digital tool, free and paid, which offers users multiple functions related to the activities to be carried out from an SEO perspective. This tool, in particular, boasts, as of April 28, 2022, 10 million active users. The functions made available by the resource, from the analysis of keywords to the possibility of having access to detailed reports, aim to streamline the amount of work for the implementation of SEO activities. However, you might wonder what SEMrush is for concretely and what can be done more precisely with this tool.

Main Functions Related To Keywords

The resource facilitates the analysis of keywords by allowing, specifically, to

  1. carry out keyword research by accessing the resource database;
  2. have access to local and national or seasonal keywords and their search volumes ;
  3. monitor the change in search volumes during the year;
  4. have access to related keywords ;
  5. have access to various keyword metrics.

The user can have access to keyword insights. Source: SEMrush website

Site Analysis Functions

In addition to the features described, the platform offers

  1. SEO checks with a high-speed crawler;
  2. ability to monitor the position in the SERP of your site;
  3. analysis of the Google ranking factors that affect the site;
  4. analysis of the deficiencies, at the SEO level, of the website ;
  5. ideas on how to improve the positioning of the site’s pages.

Competitor Analysis Functions

The tool also allows users to take an essential step in marketing strategies, namely analyzing competitors. In this regard, the device offers the possibility of 

  1. analyze the performance of other websites ;
  2. monitor competitors’ online mentions ;
  3. analyze competitors’ social media ; 
  4. carry out an SEO analysis of the competition;
  5. online advertising monitor carried out by competitors.

How Much Does SEMrush Cost

The rates for the plans of the tool range from monthly subscriptions, between $ 119.95 and $ 449.95 per month. Having clarified how much SEMrush costs for those who subscribe monthly, it should be noted that users who instead opt for an annual payment can benefit from special discounted rates, ranging from $ 99.95 to $ 374.95 per month. 

Having learned how SEMrush works and how much it costs, we should ask ourselves the differences between the different plans. For this purpose, the user can consult, from the section of the site called “pricing “, specific summary tables relating to the characteristics offered by each plan. In conclusion, with millions of active users and 21 international awards as the best SEO software suite, SEMrush is a valuable ally for companies and users of the Internet in achieving various objectives from an SEO perspective.

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