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Five Reasons For A Macbook – Instead Of A PC

A Macbook has some advantages over a Windows laptop. We list the top five reasons to choose a portable Mac. Are you fascinated by the new midnight blue Macbook Air? You may be wondering whether a Macbook makes any sense. That’s a valid objection since the range of Windows notebooks is vast, and you can get models of all sizes and types. However, the Macbook has some unique advantages only a mobile Mac can offer.

Quality And Design

Fold it up and take it with you – that sounds like a matter, of course, but this is the great strength of the Macbook. A Macbook offers a great design, a great combination of a stable operating system, lightweight, robustness and long battery life. Thanks to economical ARM CPUs, you can get by for up to 20 hours without a power supply, and many “switchers” to the Mac platform are impressed by the high quality of the screen, keyboard and touchpad. And when you fold a MacBook, you can count on hassle-free switching later.

The advantage of Apple is that both hardware and software come from the same manufacturer, and problems with the interaction are minimized – unlike most manufacturers of the Windows platform (Microsoft’s aside). The design of the Macbook is also not famous for nothing: With aluminum, Apple not only uses an elegant but also a very durable material that still makes a very high-quality impression even after a very long period of use. One should consider the appearance of Apple’s beautiful case colors. Above all, the slightly shimmering blue-black of the Macbook Air has already impressed many buyers and made a good impression on non-Apple fans.

Continue Using Windows Apps

Many prospective Macbook buyers are hesitating mainly because of the switch to the macOS platform. The most important apps are often also available for macOS. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Adobe Creative Suite have appeared in Mac versions for decades – as a Microsoft 365 user. You don’t even need a new subscription. You can download the Mac versions directly. But there are also many other familiar Windows apps in a Mac version, and many special tools, such as control software, are increasingly available in a platform-independent browser version.

A good office suite is also preinstalled with iWork, solid photo management with iPhoto, iMovie is used for video editing, and GarageBand is aimed at musicians. You don’t have to do without Windows completely either: you can install Windows 11 as a so-called virtual system (but only the ARM version) and use the operating system like another program under macOS. You can use Windows and Mac programs in parallel and special industry software. A recommended virtualization software is Parallels Desktop, which we recently tested extensively.

Simple Operation

One of the strengths of the Macbook is its ease of use, macOS does not pose any riddles, and even long-time Windows users rarely have problems with the changeover. Last but not least, the Macbook works ideally with other Apple devices, like all Macs. However, these integration functions are even more helpful with a mobile computer. If you are sitting in a reading room or café and have to leave your desk more often, you can automatically lock and unlock your Macbook with your Apple Watch or iPhone. With Handoff, you can sync iWork documents and your Safari history between your iPhone and Macbook or transfer a photo directly from your iPhone to the Mac version of Pages – like with a mobile scanner. 

But you can also switch your AirPods seamlessly between your Macbook and iPhone. You can accept text messages and calls from your iPhone on the Macbook. Do you need an internet connection on the go and don’t have a WLAN nearby? Then use your iPhone as a wireless modem. Do you appreciate Macbooks but don’t want to do without a large monitor, external keyboard, and mouse? With a single USB-C cable, you can connect your Macbook to the latest displays, mouse, keyboard and power supply, giving you an ergonomic desktop workstation.

A Macbook can also offer this since you can expand your Apple notebook and use it like a desktop computer if necessary. When choosing the screen, there are countless alternatives in addition to Apple’s two studio displays. Therefore, the range of notebook stands and holders for Macbooks is extensive. The advantage for office workers: If there are monitors with a USB-C connection at home and in the office, you can easily carry your Macbook back and forth between home and office. More and more employers are making this “BYOD” (bring your device) possible.

Superior Performance And Performance

With its Macbooks, Apple guarantees excellent performance – for all models. The arrangement corresponds to the desktop Macs. Only the most expensive version of the Mac Studio is even more potent than a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. A unique feature of the current Apple notebooks is the ARM chips (Apple Silicon) developed by Apple, which guarantee exceptionally high performance with low power consumption and, according to many testers, are superior to the mobile Intel CPUs in particular. This gives you a Macbook Air, for example, that offers high performance but does not have an annoying fan. 

Even with a Macbook Air, 4K video editing is possible without any problems. Numerous tests have confirmed the high performance of Apple’s chips. Programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere have already been optimized for these new chips. The Pro models, equipped with more powerful CPUs and GPUs, offer more power than the Macbook Air. A good camera and microphones are also available, making the MacBook well-suited for Zoom and Teams sessions. If you want to conduct a video conference with your Mac Mini or Mac Studio, you need additional external hardware – or the expensive Apple Studio display. 

But it also has a lot to offer after work, as a sofa book, so to speak: The MacBook has good-sounding integrated speakers that you can use to listen to music and podcasts in good quality. The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a perfect speaker system with 3D sound, but the 13-inch Macbook Air and Macbook Pro don’t have to hide behind either. A Macbook is also well suited as a replacement for the television; the entire Netflix series can be comfortably enjoyed on a high-resolution, bright screen.

Large Selection

Apple’s model policy is very well thought out. There is something for every user: The performance can be seen above all from the name of the built-in chip: The best performance is offered by the Macbooks with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip, which is only found in the Macbook Pro models. The two Macbook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models, available in specialist shops at prices starting at 1900 euros, meet the highest performance requirements. Even in the basic version, these are equipped with an M1 Pro chip with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD and are well suited for professionals from video, photo or audio fields. 

Versions with the faster M1 Max chip, with a 10-core and 32-core CPU, are also available for an extra charge. The Macbook Air M1 for 1200 euros (in specialist shops for 1000 euros) is aimed at beginners who mainly want to do office tasks. However, it has been on the market since 2020. It performs well but is inferior to the new Macbook Air M2 and Macbook Pro. The Macbook Air 2022 offers a cutting-edge design, a larger screen and a faster M2 chip, which is available in stores for under 1400 euros. 

The basic version of the device, available in the elegant colors midnight, polar star, silver and space gray, is a bit meager with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, but this should be sufficient for home users and office workers. The 13-inch MacBook Pro occupies a unique position in Apple’s product range. At just under 1600 euros, this Macbook is slightly cheaper than the Macbook Pro 14-inch but somewhat more expensive than the Macbook Air. The Macbook Air does not require cooling thanks to active cooling- it is more powerful than the Air models. If you need more performance than a Macbook Air offers, we recommend the Macbook Pro 14-inch.

To Be Fair: What Speaks Against A Macbook

However, what Apple does not offer is an actual gaming notebook. If you mainly want to play the latest Windows games with your laptop, you should grab a Windows notebook with a fast graphics card for the next two years. However, this is less due to Apple than to the strength of the Windows platform in this field: there are also numerous Mac games, but these often make it to the Mac platform late and are better optimized for Windows devices. Many Mac users have a Playstation or Xbox for a reason.

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