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Develop An App In 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had a great idea in your head but got stuck because you didn’t know how to make it happen? What if you have an excellent idea for a smartphone app but don’t know how to develop such an app? Then you’ve come to the right place. Would you like to offer your customers and users an additional service by developing a mobile app? Congratulations, because coming up with the idea was undoubtedly the most complicated step. Now you can start creating your application. There are three critical stages to keep in mind:

  1. Reflection: Carry out the review internally, with your teams;
  2. Development: you will be accompanied by the web development agency you hired based on our advice;
  3. Launch: all departments of your company must be on alert.

This article explains the steps you must follow to make your project a success at all levels: financial, marketing, and communication. Let’s start developing a mobile app.

The 1st Step – Brainstorming

App development cannot be improvised overnight! This phase is undoubtedly the most important. Now define your project to bring it to the 2nd phase, that of action. Your goal: the creation of a detailed specification with a precise budget for your project.

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Mobile App? 

The answers can be varied: offer users an additional service, increase the number of users and improve the quality of the service. It would help if you defined your goals and your audience. The plans are numerous. It’s up to you to list them all to understand why you want to develop an app. Also, consider the possibility of monetizing your application once it’s downloaded – would that fit with your strategy?

Who will be the primary users of your app? These can be your existing customers and new prospects that you want to win. Maybe both. Their age and socio-professional categories need to be detailed, as you are not developing the same application for young people as you would for seniors, for example. 

Who Are Your Competitors?

Who are your competitors that already have a mobile app, and most importantly, what are they offering? Observing the competition is a duty, no matter what field you are in. This is where you need to analyze their offering and know what is working, what should be adopted, and what you need to improve to make your offering more efficient.

Native Or Web App?

What is the best option for your business? You need to understand the differences between native and web apps to make the right choice. Both are possible: the Facebook app, for example, was developed to run on web browsers like a mobile website and is available on all smartphones and tablets via the app store.

What Will My App Look Like? 

What should I name my app? Which graphic charter? Which functions? What tone of voice? You have to answer these and many other questions. You need brainstorming for that. These brainstorming sessions allow your internal team to answer questions about your future application, from color to logo to push notifications, menus, etc. At the end of this step, you should already have an exact draft of your app that you will use to fill out the specs.

What Is The Exact Budget For My App?

What is the budget that you can allocate for this project? How high will the ROI be? What will be the costs incurred after launching the app, e.g. B. for communication, reference to the App Store or updates? It is essential to determine what resources the company has at its disposal to develop the best possible application. Remember that your app should ultimately make you money, directly or indirectly, but it’s still an end.

What Are The Specifications?

At the end of the consideration phase, the specifications can be completed. This must be complete. If you wish, we can help you find app development agencies and together determine the one that best suits your needs. 

The 2nd Step – The Development Phase

Except if you are a web advancement master gaining practical experience in portable applications, we prompt you not to foster your application yourself. You need your application to mirror the impressive skill of your business. The outcome should be of the most excellent quality. Our leading counsel is to reevaluate the improvement stage to an office with proficient application designers. They have the basic programming information to rejuvenate your application. Your goal: Find the right web development agency for you who will develop your perfect app.

Choose Your Partner

Which web development agency best suits your needs? Where should she be based? You probably have other questions about your future IT partner. You can be sure that we will accompany you in this selection process. We already work with the most successful agencies. We have to put you in touch. Once your development partner has been selected, discuss the specifications with them so that both parties can agree on the terms. The partner determines essential points, such as the programming language for app development.


Is it essential for you to visualize what your app can do on paper? We don’t think this step is mandatory, but it can give you a first impression of what your app will look like. So if you don’t like something, you can easily change it before the application is coded. 

Follow-Up Of The Development

The agency you will be working with will provide you with a development plan that includes the goals to be achieved in terms of design. For example, the agency can work according to the AGILE method. The agency will provide you with a progress report for each deadline. This allows you to check whether the app meets your requirements. You can also make changes if necessary.

Beta Testing

Once the application is developed and working, it needs to be tested. You assemble a group of beta testers, which can be company employees, VIP customers, selected prospects, etc. The aim is to identify all errors and malfunctions to correct or improve them. The feedback from the first users is therefore essential to deliver a perfect mobile application to your customers. The end of this series of tests announces the delivery of your app by the web development agency you worked with.

The 3rd Step – The Start-Up Phase

It’s a big day! You can finally launch your mobile app. There are several crucial steps to take for it to be a success. Your goal is to make your mobile application known to your customers, users, and prospects so that it is downloaded/used.

Referencing On Download Platforms

If you have decided to develop a native mobile app, you need to reference it on the various app download platforms. Start with the most important, namely the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS App Store for Apple. Android and iOS are the two systems you should focus on first, as they make up more than 90% of the users. Search engine optimization for apps in “stores”, called ASO ( App Store Optimization ), is as important as the app development itself.

Advertisement For Your Application

No matter what kind of mobile app you choose, promotion is one of the steps that you cannot skip. The goal is to let everyone know that your application will be available in a few days and that your audience cannot miss this unique moment. There are many techniques for a successful launch, such as B. Newsletters to inform your existing customers, email campaigns, and events, whether online or in person, such as a launch party.

Constant Updates

The work is never finished. It is a reality. In the case of a native app, you need to update your application every time operating systems evolve, whether it’s Google or Apple. Updating your progressive web app to integrate the new features that smartphones and tablets offer is fascinating. Your application must constantly evolve to provide the user with the wealthiest, most pleasant and most exciting experience possible.

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