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Best Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 Review

Are you looking for a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner but are having difficulty choosing a suitable model? Read on to discover the best of 2022. We are all looking for the best Roomba robot vacuum cleaner in terms of value for money, but how to choose it? We detail the purchase criteria you should consider in this section of the comparative buying guide.


The first thing you should evaluate in your next Roomba robot vacuum is the power. This factor will determine which types of surfaces it is effective. The most powerful robot vacuum cleaners (800 or 900 W) are generally suitable for hard or soft floors, upholstery, carpets, etc. If you are looking for maximum hygiene in your home, ensure it is accompanied by accessories to clean the most inaccessible corners.

Wired Or Wireless

Another big question is choosing a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner with a cable or without. Corded models rely on a plug, although it is usually long enough to clean the house without difficulty. Of course, choose the cordless models if your home is huge or you want a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner to move with maximum comfort.

With A Bag Or Without A Bag

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are the conventional ones. The dirt is placed in a bag that will need to be changed after several uses. In bagless vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to keep an eye on replacement and have these accessories on hand, but you will need to empty the tank after each use.

What Is A Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is a device equipped with an air pump whose mission is to suck up minor dust and dirt. These small appliances were born as an alternative to brooms since their mission is the same but requires less effort. Generally, vacuum cleaners are machines consisting of a long tube whose end is the one in charge of suction. 

This is connected to a tank that incorporates a bag (or not), usually with wheels, so that you can move around the house comfortably. The tube above usually contains an ergonomic part that the user must grip to access each corner. The best and most innovative models are autonomous robot vacuum cleaners. These roam the house in search of dirt without relying on user management.

Best Brands Of Affordable Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners

When analyzing the best Roomba robot vacuum cleaners for value for money, it is customary to wonder which are the leading manufacturers on the market. There are a few brands so we will select the seven most outstanding.


Taurus is, by all law, one of the most influential brands in vacuum cleaners with the best value for money. Of Spanish origin, it was founded in the 1960s. It operates in more than 80 countries worldwide and attaches particular importance to the vacuum cleaner and cleaning category. In its catalog, you will find both Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, brooms, bagless bags, manuals and robots with an excellent quality-price ratio.


Here is one of the best brands that you can choose and buy according to numerous reviews. Rowenta’s great value-for-money vacuum cleaners stand out for their extraordinary power, which translates into a tremendous ability to pick up dust and spilled liquids. Rowenta is a manufacturer of small household appliances with extensive experience in the market. It has been operating since 1884 and could not be missing in this buying guide.


Bosch is another of the greats in the field of the best vacuum cleaners in terms of value for money. It is dedicated to the production and marketing of all types of household appliances. Go ahead and compare and choose from the bagless, bagged and cordless vacuum cleaners with this company’s best ratings and opinions.


Polti is an company dedicated to the small appliances sector. We include it in this comparison table of Roomba robot vacuum cleaners with an excellent quality/price ratio for their outstanding characteristics. This brand’s vacuum cleaners are equipped with the latest technologies, such as multi-cyclone technology. For this reason, they pass all product tests.


Philips is one of the largest and best technology companies in the world. This brand will undoubtedly appear in any studio of vacuum cleaners or other household appliances. Since his field of activity is basically in the field of electronics, the vacuum cleaners he sells are at the forefront. Its suction power allows you to vacuum 99.99% of the dust.

How Does A Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

If you are looking for the best Roomba robot vacuum cleaner in terms of value for money, you may wonder how one of these devices works. The operation is quite simple. These compact appliances use a motor inside, which, once turned on, activates a fan that expels the air outside. At this time, a vacuum is produced, which forces air to enter the vacuum cleaner through the hose or hose. This is when the vacuum function starts.

Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner that is good value for money, dirt from the outside will end up trapped in a bag (which needs to be emptied frequently) or in the device’s tank. After trying both options, the reviews indicate that the result is the same.

What Types Of Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are There?

This comparison also talks about the types of vacuum cleaners with the best value for money on the market. Weigh the various alternatives, and you will have all the information you need to choose the model that suits you best.

Good Value For Money Slide Vacuum Cleaner

Sled vacuum cleaners are those of a lifetime. They have a rigid body from which a vacuum tube comes out, usually accompanied by several heads to vacuum different parts of the house. The shell generally incorporates wheels so you can quickly move and drag it around the various rooms of your home. If you look at the technical data sheets of this type, you will see that there are sled vacuum cleaners with or without bags. The former requires this accessory to preserve the dirt that you have to renew from time to time. The latter has a tank that empties without the need for a bag.

A Broom-Type Vacuum Cleaner With Good Value For Money

The broom vacuum cleaners are, perhaps, less bulky than the previous ones. Therefore, they are lighter and more manageable options, but due to their design, they are not suitable for all surfaces. When comparing these products, remember that there are corded and cordless vacuum cleaners. While the former is connected to the mains to work, cordless vacuum cleaners have a battery.

Inexpensive Portable Vacuum Cleaner

In every demonstration of the handiest vacuum cleaners, there is usually a clear winner: the handheld vacuum cleaner. These are self-contained, light and very practical. They are designed to vacuum specific corners, such as sofas or the car’s interior. They usually act as more than a single vacuum cleaner in their own right, as an accessory since, for example, they are not efficient for cleaning large surfaces.

How To Choose The Best Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This comparison chart will help you to buy the best value-for-money Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Once you have it at home, you need to try it out to see if you’ve done it right. How to perform this test? Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Suction Power

Most opinions and comparisons agree that the first thing you should look at in a good value Roomba robot vacuum is its suction power. Not because it is an economic model should it be inefficient. Generally, it should have between 700 and 900 W of control or similar to vacuum surfaces to the maximum.


Ergonomics is another crucial point that must be taken into consideration. What good is a powerful Roomba robot vacuum cleaner with good value for money if it’s inconvenient? Look at your posture during the suction session: can you do it standing, or do you have to bend too much? The ease of use in robot vacuum cleaners is total, as they are 100% autonomous.


Finally, ask yourself if the model in question is the best for vacuuming on any surface. It can be great for cleaning floors, but not rugs or carpets. Ideally, choose a suitable value Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that is versatile and works on all types of surfaces: mattresses, upholstery, windows, tiles, etc.


  1. They allow you to clean and vacuum your home in no time.
  2. Depending on your needs, there are different types of Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.
  3. There are prices for all budgets.
  4. They are usually efficient.
  5. They are handy and easy to use.
  6. They adapt to your home.
  7. The best are equipped with the latest technologies.
  8. Its maintenance is simple.
  9. With a robot vacuum cleaner, the effort required is minimal.
  10. They are ideal for vacuuming small dirt, such as breadcrumbs or dog hair.


  1. Some models take up quite a bit of space.
  2. The most innovative Roomba robot vacuums have a high price.
  3. Aspiration problems occur pretty frequently.
  4. It is necessary to empty the tank or replace the bag regularly.
  5. On some floors or surfaces, they may not be very efficient.
  6. Some models are pretty noisy.
  7. They do not catch heavier dirt, such as gravel.
  8. The autonomy of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners may not be as expected.

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