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What’s New in Google Chrome 94

Google Chrome: How It Works And How To Use It

Google Chrome is a web browser or an application that allows you to browse the internet by connecting your PC with web pages and other clients connected to the network. Released for the first time in 2008, today it is the most used system globally, installed on over 60% of devices connected to the internet, followed in second place by Mozilla Firefox. 

Chrome allows you to take advantage of the integrated services of the Mountain View company, using their Google account to implement various Google platforms and applications such as Drive and Gmail. In addition to allowing quick and easy online browsing, Google Chrome provides users with several additional features, including synchronization with YouTube, saving passwords for use on the web, storing payment cards, downloading and sharing files. 

Including the consultation of web pages even in offline mode. Furthermore, by installing some extensions, it is possible to increase the native functionality of Chrome, making it a real personal assistant for telematic activities on the network.

The new release of Google Chrome is already available. Here is the news. Google Chrome receives a new version every four weeks. Version 94 arrived on September 21, 2021, and includes Google Drive files on the New Tab page, more HTTPS features, and a new sharing menu. But let’s look at this news in detail:

Google Drive Files On The New Tab Page

Recently, Chrome added more “Tabs” to the New Tab page. These at first included things like plans and shopping tips. Chrome 94 instead adds alternate routes to Google Drive documents to which you approach. The new tab is designated “From your Google Drive” and shows the three most as of late opened reports and records. This card can likewise be taken out similarly to different cards.


Chrome 90 has set HTTPS as the default convention, implying it will consistently stack HTTPS if the site upholds it. The program likewise goes above and beyond with “HTTPS-First Mode.” This mode endeavors to refresh all site pages to HTTPS. On the off chance that Chrome can’t stack the page with HTTPS, you will see a full-screen caution before changing to the more established HTTP standard.

Improved Graphic Processing

Chrome 94 has started testing another API that permits web designers to tackle the illustrations force of the PC. The WebGPU API will be helpful for games running on the program. The WebGPU API is somewhat not the same as the past WebGL and WebGL2 APIs. 

The program can draw on the PC’s local handling innovations, which incorporate Apple’s “Metal,” Microsoft’s “Direct3D,” and the open norm “Vulkan.” Similarly, as with numerous things that designers depend on, this new API’s support will not be quickly clear in Chrome.

Chrome For Android Gets More “Material You” Themes

Chrome 93 had started presenting some of Android 12’s “Material You” topics. Rendition 94 incorporates much more. Tones coordinating with your experience can be found on the landing page, home feeds, and list items.

New Desktop Sharing Menu

Commonly, versatile applications have underlying devices to make it simpler to impart things to other applications. Chrome 94 is carrying comparable usefulness to the work area with “Sharing Hub.”  The element is actuated with a Chrome banner. However, it will show another offer symbol in the location bar when empowered. Tapping on the logo shows some accessible sharing routes, including a duplicate of the connection, Facebook, Twitter, and that’s just the beginning.

Other News

New Chrome renditions show up like clockwork, which means seeing more specific components isn’t as continuous. As additional options, we can discover: 

  1. Different dialects: Chrome DevTools presently upholds more than 80 dialects. 
  2. Home Hub in the gadget show: You would now test how things will look on a Nest Hub in Device mode. 
  3. New checkbox to modify the organization channels: Use the new checkbox “Alter” to switch the media in the Network board. 
  4. Scrollbar-Gutter Property: Allows designers to forestall format changes as content extends and maintains a strategic distance from undesirable changes when looking over is pointless. 
  5. Chrome 94 consolidates form 9.4 of the V8 JavaScript motor.

 How To Get The Update

Chrome will naturally introduce the report on your gadget when it opens up. To check and promptly submit any accessible updates, click on the three-dab menu symbol, then, at that point, click Help> About Google Chrome.

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