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Google Analytics 4: What’s Missing?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has turned the universe of web examination topsy turvy. A following solitary instrument for web and application, a new, occasion-based information model, another UI … Numerous new GA4 are a genuine improvement contrasted with its archetype Universal Analytics. 

Notwithstanding, Google Analytics 4 is at its outset and (still) has a few weaknesses. With Data-Driven, for this present week, we might want to clarify where these flimsy parts are and how you can function around them.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, otherwise called skip rate, is, as of now, not accessible in GA4. All things being equal, you’ll discover new measurements for commitment and page esteem. These two qualities ​​say more with regards to the presentation of your site than the skip rate.  How it acts with different measurements in GA4, you can peruse straightforwardly on our blog. 

Site visits on a fundamental level, site hits are the essential measurement in Universal Analytics. You will not think that it is on Google Analytics 4. There is no simple workaround here. It will help if you become acclimated to how Google Analytics 4 doesn’t uphold online visits as a measurement. 

Even though you can sift through various site hits, this likewise applies to the whole property. Rather than site visits, in GA4, you have occasions as the reason for your objectives. Our investigation master Alexander Holl has composed a manual for perusing everything about occasions and objectives in GA4.

IP Filter

IP separating is simply conceivable somewhat in GA4. In particular, this implies that you can hinder a specific number of IP addresses from following.  The hostname channel is additionally presently not accessible in GA4.

In any case, you can initiate it through your Google Tag Manager. If you don’t have the foggiest idea of doing this, you ought to counsel a specialist here because that is somewhat precarious.

User-Defined Dimensions

You can make up to 50 distinctive clients characterized measurements in your GA4 reports. Retailers are hit twice as hard as there is no chance of making client characterized measurements at the item level.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of approaches to adjust existing, and client characterized measurements to your requirements and in this manner to plan the right estimated values. Nonetheless, you can’t stay away from a great deal of testing and testing here.


The straightforward and decreased menu is regularly not promptly clear when new capacities are added to GA4. We encourage you to follow important websites (and, obviously, our bulletin ) not to miss any news.

Email Notifications

In Google Analytics 4, there is no alternative to have reports shipped off you or your clients consistently by email. The arrangement here is the alleged alarms: In your GA4 account, you can set that you need to get legal notices about specific reports. You can get these alarms in your record or have them sent to your post box as an email.


A few reports from Universal Analytics are, as of now, not accessible in GA4, for example, the conduct stream. You can track down a comparable report in the exploratory way of investigation. A portion of this focus is probably not going to change. You need to acknowledge it and figure out how to manage it. 

Be that as it may, new capacities consistently offer new freedoms. Since GA4 is still so new, we likewise accept that Google will keep working on the new Analytics rendition and routinely make changes and dispatch refreshes. So it stays invigorating to find in which course Google Analytics 4 will create and which prospects we will, in any case, have with it later on.

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