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The Pages Of A Website: One Page, Multipage, Landing Page

On the web, many internet sites have different purposes, themes, and purposes. Based on the site’s objectives, one must also consider what type of page to create within the site itself. We can indicate three types of websites :

  1. one page website
  2. multi page website
  3. website landing page

One Page Website

Let’s start by talking about the characteristics of a one-page site. As you can understand from the name, the one-page site has only one-page corresponding to the ” Home. ” There are no internal sections, and only the scroll-down action is possible. This type of site is built, for example, if the contents are related to the presentation of a person, because many times, a single page is needed to describe who he is, what he does, if he has won awards, or if he has obtained certifications. It is a good idea to conclude the website with a contact form in case any visitor is interested in getting direct contact.

The one-page site is ideal if you don’t have a lot of content, if your customer’s budget is limited, and if you expect users to access it primarily from mobile. Think, for example, of a shop or a restaurant/pizzeria. If you want to create something simple, you can build a one-page site briefly indicating who the entrepreneurial reality is, what products/dishes it serves, and where it is. It will be essential to insert the Google map, which means its position.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A One-Page Website

But what are the advantages and disadvantages that can be obtained from a site of this type? Let’s see them now.


  1. Good results even with a limited budget: since the contents are few, you can still build a good website even if the budget is not high.
  2. Quick view of the contents: since the only possible action is the vertical scroll, we are sure that the user will not lose any content.
  3. Great for mobile devices.


  1. SEO side: since you only have one page and the contents are few, even the keywords, titles, and descriptions will be few.
  2. No internal links: the site’s pages are not connected through internal links. This element is also a disadvantage from an SEO point of view and can affect the site’s positioning.
  3. Page length and loading: If you overdo it by inserting a lot of textual and visual content, the site will be very long and take time to load. Nobody likes to wait for a web page to load. You prefer to go back to the Google SERP and look elsewhere.

Multi Page Website

A multi page site is a well-structured site, which includes several pages and, therefore, various menu items, such as the “About us,” “Products/services,” the “Blog,” the “Contacts” page, and so on. Saying. The home page, usually also reachable by clicking on the logo at the top left, must give a general overview of the company, briefly explaining who it is and what it does. It is good to insert buttons in this Home section that links to the pages of each service/product to have a complete description. Since it is structured with several pages, a site of this type can work very well on the SEO side. 

Each page will have its keywords, titles in H1, subtitles in H2, and each page will have a meta description, all actions that will favor a good positioning of your site in the Google SERP. Let’s take our site, Web Surfers, as an example. In the Home, we explained who we are, what we do, why you should choose us, which companies we have worked for, and what the latest projects have been, concluding with the latest blog articles. In the menu of the site, we have included every single service that we offer to our customers. 

That is, we have dedicated a page to websites, one to e-commerce, one to web marketing, one to social networks, one to the importance of having a brand identity, and one to our photography and video service (all of these are also landing pages). This is followed by the section relating to the blog and, finally, the contact page. If your company deals with different products or services, create several pages explaining the various topics and present your offer specifically. By creating several pages for each product/service, you can develop texts that uniquely describe your benefits by focusing on specific keywords.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Multipage Website

But what are the advantages and disadvantages that can be obtained from a site of this type? Let’s see them now.


  1. The good logical and visual organization of the website
  2. Ability to explain  each product/service in depth 
  3. Content management is simpler and more usable for the user.
  4. More chance of getting a good organic ranking in the Google SERP
  5. Ability to add new pages at any time
  6. Faster page loading speed (discover tips on how to speed up page loading )
  7. Possibility to add more contact forms and Call To Action. In this way, you will make the user stay inside the site for a longer time and make him navigate between the different pages. This is good for two reasons. First, if the user visits the area for several minutes, Google understands that the content you have posted is valuable and will reward your site with a good position in the SERP. In addition, various contact forms and calls to action encourage the user to take action and contact you.


  1. Possible problems in the mobile version (but which can be solved with some quick and easy tricks)
  2. However, higher costs for creating the site are justified by the possibility of positioning on the first page of Google and receiving organic traffic.

Landing Page

What is a landing page? In jargon, it means ” landing page. ” These are pages created with a specific purpose. Most often, they are pages linked to paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns. An example? When you enter a keyword on Google, ads often appear among the different results you recognize as they have the word ‘Ad.’ This type of result is paid. That is, the advertiser has paid Google for that advertising banner to appear when someone types in those specific keywords. If the user clicks on the ad, he will land on a page created ad hoc for the one who seeks the solution to a problem. 

It will therefore land on a landing page that could have the goal of conversion, an action such as buying a product/service for sale, or more. Let’s take a clarifying example right away. You are out of the office all morning and lunchtime looking for a place to stop and eat. Search on Google for pizzerias that make gluten-free dough. You will find a link that directs you to a page of a pizzeria where you will find the following information: what type of pizza they cook, which oven they use (2 different ovens for normal and gluten-free pizzas), where the pizzeria is located and the price list. Great, right? If you are also interested in the pizzeria’s history, you could continue browsing the site by discovering other information.

Landing pages are excellent solutions because they allow you, on a single page, to write the value proposition relating to a specific service you offer, indicating all the features and benefits that the user can obtain if he accepts this proposal. If, on the other hand, the website had been of only one page, based on the arrangement of the contents, you would have had to read all the information before finding the important one for a celiac. So what advantages and disadvantages can be obtained from a landing page? Let’s find out now.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Landing Page


  1. The user lands on a specific page created to make him perform a particular action.
  2. Landing pages make it easier to advertise on Google Ads and have conversion overviews.
  3. You can insert Call To Action and let the user do a guided tour.
  4. You can get a good organic ranking on Google if you work correctly with keywords.


  1. It takes longer to create effective landing pages.
  2. A landing page only deals with a single product/service. Grouping different products on a single page is not recommended to save money. Doing so almost certainly means wasting money.
  3. Money needs to be invested in creating sponsored ads.

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