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PC-As-A-Service: Are Small Businesses Better To Make The Move?

The PC-as-a-Service model tends to develop. But if the benefits of this model of IT infrastructure consumption are proven at the scale of a large organization, is it also the case for the smallest of them? Consume a service rather than buy a good. From cars to entertainment, including clothing, the rental model is more and more widespread in many sectors, and digital is no exception. 

The global PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) market is expected to experience average annual growth of nearly 55% between 2019 and 2024, from almost $ 16 billion to over 140 billion. And these forecasts were made before the health crisis, which pushed companies to dramatically accelerate their evolution towards more agile management of work environments. 

But while the advantages of the PCaaS model are known – improved user experience, simplified management for the administrator, and lower costs for the company; can they be applied to smaller structures with the same benefits?

A Modernized And Personalized Experience

The activity of any business depends on the ability of its employees to work efficiently. And more and more, this capacity depends on the proper functioning of digital tools. PCaaS allows you to use a computer for 3 or 4 years, then replace it with a new generation device once the contract expires. The employees thus always work with reliable and modern technology but also adapt to their needs. 

Large companies are used to creating typical configurations suitable for a large number of users. Once these configurations are saved, the PCaaS then saves them time by ordering a large number of preconfigured machines in just a few clicks. In a small organization, each employee has their specialty and constraints. However, the PCaaS remains suitable since organizations can, if they wish, customize each PC one by one to obtain precisely the position that will be most suitable. 

The Daily Computer Worries Are Forgotten

Many small companies cannot afford to hire a dedicated IT management team or even one person. The manager himself often takes on this responsibility or the person having the most affinity with digital technology. But every time a hard drive crashes, coffee is spilled on an appliance, or a new machine is delivered hours, and sometimes days, are spent fixing the problem. 

So much time that is therefore not devoted to customers and the development of the activity. The PCaaS offering for professionals, offered by Dell Technologies to fleets of 1 to 299 units, includes, in addition to the PC itself, high-end deployment and support services, as well as intelligent maintenance software

When the PC is delivered, it is configured and ready to use. Support Assist technology can alert the user and automatically trigger a technician’s response before the computer crashes if a component shows signs of weakness. And for the traditional cup spilled on the keyboard, the Pro Support Plus service with the accidental damage guarantee covers the repairs.

Raised PCs And Saved Money

Thanks to PCaaS, a large international group reduced its PC budget by 25%. A study estimates more than $ 700,000 in savings over three years for an organization of 4,000 employees. Without going to such numbers, a small business will also save money. The reduction in breakdowns, the increased productivity of employees, and the device’s valuation at the end of the contract offer the PCaaS an unrivaled TCO (total cost of ownership). 

Indeed, after 3 or 4 years of use, the PC still has value. Dell Technologies recovers this value, either reintegrating the machine into an aftermarket or recycling its components, and incorporates it into calculating the rents billed to the corporate customer. The sum of all the rents over the entire term of the contract is, therefore, less than the acquisition value of the device. And this is even for a single PC.

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