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Managing Negative Reviews On Social Media: 5 Practical Tips

In short, reviews are an effective way to attract customers to your business. Of course, having various reviews helps you in the decisive phase of the purchase. But what if there are also negative reviews?

Handle Negative Reviews

How many of us have panicked after receiving a bad review? Some prefer to let it go; others get carried away by emotions and start arguing with customers online, often making the situation worse. But before we understand how to deal with negative reviews, let’s investigate what drives us to leave reviews online and what we hope to achieve when we contribute to a public discussion about a brand, an experience, or a product.

How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Today I will give you  5 practical tips on how to manage negative reviews online.

Never Ignore Reviews

Not ignoring the customer who leaves us a negative online review is as important as responding positively. The vast majority – exactly 88% to fix the problem and contact them immediately afterward. Not responding to a negative review in time could make you and your brand indifferent to customer issues and opinions. Be ready and get involved by making everyone understand that your customers’ opinion is important in your business.

Don’t Get Involved In An Online Controversy

No matter how polite your initial response is, you could always run into someone who wants to keep complaining. This does not mean that you have to pander to your clientele entirely. An excellent way is to show understanding and attention, proposing a contact to the customer and thus leaving a trace online on excellent and reasoned customer care platforms.

Acknowledge The Problem And Apologize

Show yourself ready to listen: the customer wants to feel important and unique. Before trying to solve the real problem, it is essential to empathize with him. Listen to what he says and try to understand why the negative review is. After that, an apology is the first step to apologizing for the negative customer rating. In some cases, a response from the company to a bad review is not enough to solve the problem. Consumers could expect to receive compensation in terms of money, which can remedy the wrong suffered. As the last graph shows, if you manage it early, you can even turn a negative review into a positive one!

Tactically Promote A Positive Image Of Your Business

However negative a review may be, there will always be positives about your product or company that you can showcase. This doesn’t mean that you have to contradict the customer but point out the positive sides of his purchase to the customer.

Delete The Negative Reviews

You often receive fake reviews or reviews from customers who have confused your business with someone else’s. No fear! Again, the review could be deleted. Contact your review provider and explain the situation you are in. After several verifications they carry out, there is a good chance that the negative review will be deleted. I conclude by saying that, unfortunately, it can always happen that there is a dissatisfied customer who leaves a negative review, but we must never resign ourselves to these unpleasant episodes: rather, we learn to turn them into trump cards to play to our advantage!

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