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Increasing The Reality Of The Business

Reality is what we perceive with our senses, what we observe, process, and live in. Technology has already irrevocably altered the way we experience reality. Still, new augmented technology provides the consumer with greater control, allowing people to change what they see, hear, and even feel. As the digital world becomes increasingly tangible, the value assigned to digital and physical objects is also redefined. The demand for real-time digital interactions that mimic contact and objects is increasing. This is fundamentally transforming the nature of communication – and all industries will feel the fluency with which talent and expertise can be instantly available across borders.

Locality-Independent Talent

The emergence of a personalized reality will bring about a less location-dependent labor market. Talent will be able to operate in different parts of the world simultaneously, collaborating more broadly and sharing information in new experimental formats.

Reimagine The Ways Of Working

Augmented reality technology will enable unprecedented levels of digital collaboration and the gamification of work. Previous ways of working will need to be reviewed and updated, and new capabilities will be required to keep teams productive and able to communicate in a mixed-reality landscape. The use of augmented reality software or hardware in the workplace is still not widespread in 2018, but there is great interest in its possible applications. 

According to experts, these technologies will impact our daily lives in many ways. Many institutions, companies, and brands are already exploring the power of AR and wearables to create personalized experiences. The more technology we wear, implant, or ingest, the more data is collected. With the recent implementation of the GDPR and similar initiatives worldwide, the question of how to store and process information is at the forefront of almost every company.

Recent Innovations In Augmented Reality

The next generation of augmented technologies will offer our workplace a new reality where virtual adjustments can scale as needed. Consumers can go from inconspicuous technology that enhances their existence to complete immersion in another world. We will begin to hear more and more about “mixed reality,” where consumers and professionals can comfortably interact with digital objects in physical spaces.

Democratization Of AR

One of the clearest recent examples of AR’s presence and accessibility is Apple’s ARKit platform, which allows power programmers and casual users to build augmented reality apps for iOS devices. Announced in August 2017, the coding software suite heralds a new era of development and skills to capture the existing job market. Consumers will come to depend on augmented reality (AR) as a way to enrich their experience of products and services. AR functionality will likely be built into the next generation of intelligent devices that consumers are already used to, avoiding investing in expensive and unfamiliar hardware.


In 2017 M&M transformed Times Square in New York into an AR gaming experience to launch a new flavor of its product. Users could access the’ Arcade’ by downloading and using the Blippar app, which had transformed the plaza’s famous billboards into interactive digital games. Using AR by brands and advertisers has broad implications for advertising spaces and could become an integral part of a marketers toolbox.

Super Soldiers

The Army is providing its soldiers with enhanced situational awareness using AR technology. Appropriately named “Tactical Augmented Reality” (TAR), the technology follows the position of each soldier and that of his comrades. The eyepiece has a wireless connection to a tablet that soldiers carry on their waists and connects with an optical sight mounted on their weapon. Looking through the lens, data such as distance to a target and thermal cues can be seen.

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