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How To Enable Copilot, New AI Virtual Assistant Of Windows 11

During Build 2023, Microsoft reported a genuinely new thing, Windows Copilot, or the reconciliation of computer-based intelligence into Windows 11. Cortona is an old memory now. The main helper is Windows Copilot, a particular component of Windows 11 that will permit you to cooperate with your PC, open applications, look for records, send messages, set updates, change settings and considerably more. We should figure out what Windows Copilot is, the means by which it works and how to empower it in review on Windows 11.

What Is Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot coordinates with the Windows 11 working framework and applications to convey a customized, versatile experience. You can request that Windows Copilot do anything from essential undertakings like reorder, turn on dim mode, or take screen captures to further developed errands like settling on decisions, tracking down flights, or producing inventive substance. 

Microsoft Edge powers Windows Copilot and opens in a sidebar on the right half of the screen. To then get to Windows Copilot with the Success + C console alternate route or by tapping on the symbol on the taskbar, recalling the customization for the discussion style.

How To Use ViveTool To Enable Hidden Features In Windows 11

For users of the Windows Insider program, it is feasible to see the new elements and changes that Microsoft is creating for Windows 11. In any case, for any remaining clients, it is possible to compel them to be empowered on their gadget utilizing ViveTool. This outsider apparatus permits you to turn on or off exploratory highlights that are deactivated. 

ViveTool was made by Rafael Rivera and Lucas and is accessible for free on GitHub. To then utilize ViveTool through the order brief or with a graphical point of interaction. To introduce ViveTool on Windows 11, you want to download the compressed document from the GitHub site, extricate it to an organizer on your PC, duplicate the envelope way, open the order immediately as head, and type the compact disc order followed by the ViveTool organizer way. 

To empower a secret element, you want to type the order vive tool/empower/id: trailed by the ID of the component to enact. You can permit numerous features in a similar order by isolating the IDs with commas. Subsequent to empowering the ideal attributes, restart your PC to apply the changes. You remember that secret highlights are still a work in progress and may need to be revised or find an opportunity to be enacted.

Enable Windows Copilot

As of now, it is feasible to attempt the Copilot artificial consciousness that Microsoft has chosen to incorporate into the working framework. Windows Copilot is a component yet to be opened to all clients, yet you can, regardless, endeavor this part. There are a couple of necessities to engage Copilot genuinely. 

Among these, the PC ought to be invigorated with Windows 11 Structure 23493; it just works for past transformations of Windows 11, and it is an exercise in futility to endeavor. To get the structure, you need to enroll your PC to the Windows Insider Program in the Dev Channel. You furthermore need to have the latest variation of Microsoft Edge 115.0.1901.150 or later. To register your PC for the Windows Insider Program, you genuinely need to follow these methods:

  1. Access “Become a Microsoft Edge Insider” through your browser;
  2. Choose the interested channel between can dev and beta;
  3. Select “Download Edge Dev”;
  4. Choose the installation language;
  5. Select accept and download;
  6. Wait for the download;
  7. Continue by entering your PIN to obtain administrator privileges, if required.

After obtaining all the requirements and enabling Windows Copilot, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Reach the Github site ;
  2. Download ViveTool;
  3. Extract the ViveTool archive to C:\ViveTool;
  4. Open a command prompt.

At this point, you need to paste each of the following lines one at a time and press enter. Then, proceed by restarting the computer so that the Windows Copilot icon appears in the taskbar. To proceed with use, you can click on the icon and start interacting with your PC using your voice or keyboard. Also, you can hide Windows Copilot on the taskbar through the settings to do it like this:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Search for Personalization;
  3. Choose Taskbar;
  4. Select Widgets;
  5. Turn off “Show widgets on the taskbar.”.

Instead, to disable Windows Copilot, you can use the same ViveTool tool but replace the /enable command with /disable.

Windows Copilot Features

Windows Copilot is an imaginative Windows 11 component that makes, because of artificial brain power, an individual right hand equipped for cooperating with the PC. Among the capabilities, there is the chance of changing PC settings rapidly and naturally, like dull mode, don’t upset, volume, splendor and considerably more. Through straightforward data sources, it is feasible to begin playlists in Spotify and sum up records, texts and pages. 

Yet, in addition, start Windows capabilities, for example, screen catch. Clearly, the age of imaginative substance, like pictures, should be incorporated. Albeit being developed, it is feasible to coordinate with outsider applications by means of Bing Visit modules. Windows Copilot will be available in a sidebar on the right half of the screen and is enacted with the button on the taskbar or with the Success + C console easy route, which will substitute the alternate way for opening Groups. 

Windows Copilot is a component being developed, and Microsoft is attempting to add new highlights and further develop the client experience in light of client criticism. Until further notice, Windows Copilot is simply accessible to clients who partake in the Windows Insider program and have introduced Windows 11 from 23493 or later.

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