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How To Create A Windows 11 Account For Children

It is essential to create a child account to protect our children from the dangers of the Web and our credit cards from children’s online purchases: this is how it’s done on Windows 11. Monitoring children’s activity, especially if they are minors, is essential to prevent them from visiting sites that are not suitable for their age or installing dangerous apps. But also to set time limits and avoid being connected to the internet for hours. 

These activities usually go under the name of parental control, and for some years, the sensitivity towards this vital form of education has grown and has become increasingly defined. For some time now, the operating systems on which we interact through computers, game consoles, smartphones, and televisions allow parents to set limits on the use of specific programs, whether they are games, apps, or purchases. 

Children often tend to buy games or gadgets almost unconsciously and use the pre-registered cards used by parents to shop online. Generally, everything happens quickly since the devices are synchronized, and therefore if a child starts browsing with a parent’s account, he is with the same possibilities as an adult. You need to create specific reports for children, separate and limited. For those who use Windows 11 as an operating system, here’s how to create an account for a minor, synchronize it with all devices, and monitor activity.

How To Open A Child Account On Windows 11

Even on Windows 11, creating an account dedicated exclusively to the child and setting usage limits is possible. Furthermore, from this account dedicated to a minor, it is possible to check the child’s activities:

  1. Which sites she has visited.
  2. Which games she has downloaded.
  3. How long she has been connected.

To open the account, go to Settings and choose Accounts. Then select Family and other users and tap Add account. Remember to carry out this procedure correctly. You need to have an email account that you can also create at the moment using the Outlook client. Once the new account dedicated to the child has been opened, we will have to declare that we are the parent of the operating system.

How To Manage Family Members

In Windows 11, you can set Family Options. In practice, we are going to declare our family unit. From the start, we select Settings and then choose Update and Security. We tap on Windows Security and then again tap on Family Options. At this point, we can enter the members’ names, including the children, and declare who the parents are. From this point on, we can set the navigation filters and the connection time, or we can, through the menu item View devices, see how many devices are connected to the account that interests us.

We remind you that only parents who assume the role of admin for the operating system can have this information and can set restrictions. A parent account will be required to complete the next step. Type a parent’s Microsoft account on the sign-in page to add the child’s account. Once the parent account has been confirmed, you will be allowed to set one Family Safety from which you can manage and enable parental control for your children’s (or, in any case, children’s) accounts.

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