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Google Calendar – The Main Functions

Google Calendar is a free tool of the Google suite that allows you to manage time effectively: let’s find out all its features. Google has always been careful to offer solutions and answers to the needs and requirements of users, trying to create and propose tools that can simplify the organization of daily life and work. There are many tools designed and made available on the web for free. Among the most used is Google Calendar. The software allows for better time management, allowing individuals who use it to be more productive, keep their commitments, remember appointments and meetings to attend, and not forget important deadlines.

It can be used both from a desktop and on a personal computer by logging into Google with your credentials or downloading the application for mobile devices compatible with Android and iOS. It saves time and makes the most of every day. Google Calendar is used in many work contexts, as it allows you to synchronize team activities and increase your time management and self-empowerment skills, especially in the management of complex projects that involve a large number of collaborators and stakeholders or involve a large number of tasks to be completed or shared with other collaborators.

Google Calendar: All The Features

Google Calendar is a program created by Google that has roots far back in time. It was launched on the web on April 13, 2006, and immediately received positive feedback from users registered on the platform. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, it has also been appreciated by those who are less familiar with digital tools. It is a system of calendars that can be imported from other online services and can be shared among users. It is a genuine virtual agenda that, thanks to the numerous functions it has, can meet the needs of every type of user: workers, students, sportsmen, or people who need to organize their day better.

The calendar can be private or shared with other users: it is the creator who, through an invitation, decides who can view his commitments. To access Google Calendar, you need a Google account. To create it, you need to indicate your name and surname, generate an email with the gmail.com domain, use the address you already own, and choose a password. Log into the application or the tool’s official website must be used. Once logged in, you can select the view of the calendars that you consider most beneficial and that you prefer. There is the annual one, which shows all the months of the year on a single screen. The monthly one, in which all the commitments of each month are shown, and the weekly and the daily ones, are more detailed.  

You can create events and plan meetings, conferences, or extraordinary meetings. With the ‘Add guests’ function, an invitation to participate is sent to those interested in participating in the event. This can be individuals or a group of people on a single mailing list. Creating activities means the tasks that must be completed within a particular day are entered into the calendar. These are only visible to the owner of the Google account. They can be changed at any time, marked as completed or deleted. Reminders allow you to keep track of deadlines. The calendar creator can only view them; custom changes can be set to avoid forgetting. When using this element, the exact date and time must be indicated, and the frequency must be selected. They can be edited or deleted. 

You can share Google calendars with other users to organize meetings and work efficiently. Synchronization on all devices accessed with the same account is automatic. This allows you to have a digital plan that is continually updated and at hand. The personalization of calendars is high: you can activate or deactivate notifications, choose the view, change their appearance or use a color code to distinguish the types of tasks, events, and reminders set.

Google Workplace: The Other Tools Offered By Google

Google Calendar is part of the Google Workplace suite, which contains valuable tools to improve time management and activity planning and simplify work and daily organization. It integrates perfectly with the other services of the suite. Among these is Gmail, born in 2004 and quickly becoming the best-known email management service worldwide. It allows you to send emails and receive them. It can be integrated with Google Calendar. 

Google Drive is a valuable tool for cooperation between workers and students and storing documents and files without having to use the devices’ memory. It allows you to upload content to the cloud and share it with other users.  You can use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms to create files to share with other users without downloading a specific program to the device. It can be accessed from any browser or mobile device with an Internet connection. All Google Workplace tools can be accessed through the same account. Most of them can be integrated, used for free, and automatically synchronized on all devices on which they are used.

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