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Content Marketing: 5 Tips To Support SEO

By content marketing, we mean the whole set of content developed to attract the user’s attention and transform him into a potential customer. This marketing strategy is developed closely with SEO, as quality content allows for better positioning on Google. Here are five tips for developing a content marketing strategy that supports your SEO strategy!

Identify The Needs Of Our Catchment Area

Before producing content on a particular topic, we should ask ourselves: Which topic? The answer to this question can only come after carefully analyzing our catchment area. Who are we talking to? How old are they? Where do they come from? And above all: what do they need? We can understand what content we will produce and what strategy to set up by answering these preliminary questions.

For example, suppose your catchment area mainly comprises construction workers. In that case, they will likely be more interested in an article that describes and differentiates the different brick materials than one dedicated to kitchen décor. The more information we can find about our potential customers, the more we can produce specific content that responds to their needs. We will precisely climb positions in search engines more easily.

Differentiate The Contents

We are consistently producing the same type of content. However, with the high quality, it may be getting tiring. The user returns to our site or is encouraged to visit our social profiles in search of something unique that he will not find anywhere else. If we always offer the same type of post on our social profiles, they will start to get confused with each other, and it will be increasingly challenging to attract the attention of our users. We should therefore aim for a different type of content, making the most of all the tools that social networks, in particular, makes available.

How do social networks necessarily impose only one type of content? For example, if we are working to enhance our Youtube channel, it goes without saying that we should create videos. But it is the type of video that will vary at that point, and if one day we are creating a video tutorial, the next day we will produce a video review, or we will do a “behind the scenes” of our company.

Content Marketing And Backlinks

What is a Backlink? We are talking about the link on a social network or another site that refers to one of our products or articles. Trivially, the more a site is requested and visited, the more Google will keep us in a high position concerning that particular keyword or topic. Getting automatic backlinks is more accessible if our content marketing strategy includes one-of-a-kind quality content, such as free ebooks that respond widely and significantly to the needs of our catchment area. However, let’s pay attention to those who offer us backlinks for a fee. 

There are companies ready to cash in on our money, promising to place our links on their sites. Very often, though, the pages and sites they manage don’t have a good page rank. This will only harm us because if we receive many links from sites that Google does not consider reliable, our site will also be unreliable due to the transitive property, and we will lose the hard-earned positions. Some unfair companies use this strategy to bury a very influential competitor in the results. In this case, the only way we will have to defend ourselves is to hire a good SEO expert who takes care of deleting all the harmful backlinks that lead to us.

User Experience And Interfeces

Backlinks and keywords can be the basis of a good SEO strategy, but we must not forget all the other techniques, from the appropriate use of tags to optimizing site loading. For Google and search engines, the site’s quality is essential, measured by its contents and how well organized they are. Does the user reach what he was looking for in just a few clicks? Are the contents interconnected with each other? The answers to these questions help determine your final placement. We will then facilitate a good use of the robot.txt and create an XML map of the site to be delivered to Google to improve indexing.

The Latest Trends

The web is always on the move, and the topic on everyone’s lips today will be forgotten tomorrow. To offer fresh and exciting content, we do content marketing, keeping an eye on new trends. Some tools that can come in handy for staying up to date on what’s happening in our niche of interest are Google Trends and Twitter Trends. Thanks to the combined use of both, we can easily find the most discussed topics to insert ourselves and, in turn, propose original content.

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